SETTINGS: Content Categories

What is a Content Category?

Throughout the platform, you'll see a variety of places where you may want to customize the options in drop-menus, etc...

To change these options, you will need to use the Content Categories interface.

Navigate to your Profile Pic in the top-right of the screen, click and in the fly-out settings menu, look for 'Categories'

Selecting which Category to edit

On the Content Category page, you will find a menu from which you'll select which set of categories you want to edit.

Adding & Arranging Content Categories

In this example, we'll create a new Task Type category (this is used in the Project Management tool)

Simply use the left menu to select Task Types, and then use the ADD button to create a new category.

A pop up will show that prompts you to enter a Name, Type (this is already set for you), a Color (not critically important), and the option to choose this item as the Default.

If you choose the category as the default, it will be the default selection when the form in which it's used is loaded.

How to change the order of the Categories

You can change the order of the categories by simply dragging/dropping them into whatever order you deem appropriate.

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