PAGES: Portal Page Templates

What is a Portal Page Template?

A Portal Page Template is a "base" that with content already in place for use when creating a new Portal Page. You can apply the Template, then tweak it depending on your needs instead of having to start from scratch.

The choice of editor (Article Style or Content Block Editor) will be retained when creating or applying a Template, so you can edit the Portal Page as normal once applied.

How do I create a Portal Page Template?

Navigate to Content > Portal Pages > Manage Templates, and click the +Add Template button.

You'll be prompted to name your Portal Page Template.

Other than user assignments, creating a Template is identical to creating a Portal Page. You'll choose your editor to be able to configure additional options.

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If you've created a Portal Page and decide that you want to save it as a Template you can do that too!

Just click the Options menu button and select Save as Template.

You'll be prompted to give the Template a Title. After saving, the Template will appear in your Portal Page Templates list.

How do I apply my Portal Page Template?

While creating or editing a Portal Page, you can click a tab located on the right side of the screen with the icon shown below.

A modal will appear with a preview screen, in which you can choose your Portal Page Template from the dropdown menu at the top.

Once applied, you will be able to continue to edit the Portal Page as normal.