Official Translators

I'm an Official Translator! How do I get started?

First and foremost, on behalf of the community, we say THANK YOU for your contributions!

As an Official Translator (OT), we'll assign the language you are translating the platform into on our side before activating your OT Dashboard.

To get started, navigate to  Flyout Menu > Translations (beta).

You'll first need to enable translation functionality.

CLICK HERE to learn about Translations (for all users)

Your OT Dashboard will look a little different than the average user because it has a voting system in place.

Here's how it works: when you submit a translated string, we will count that as your contribution AND as your vote for the best translation for that particular string.

If there is at least one submitted suggestion from another OT, you can simply "upvote" that string and it will count as your vote.

To the right of each translation string field, you'll see two icons. The #1 medal icon indicates that it is the "best-voted" string.

Click the icon to expand the selection. If additional translations for that string are available, you can click the "thumbs up" to vote for the string that you feel is best.

Click the "Redo" icon if you want to submit a new translation for the string. You will be able to edit the field. The selection will also expand to show you other translation strings available in case you'd like to simply upvote one of those instead.

That's all there is to it! We will let you know when new strings become available.

Interested in becoming a SuiteDash Official Translator? Contact us at:

IMPORTANT: Words that you see in curly brackets (e.g. {CLIENT}) need to be left intact and cannot be translated. These are Placeholders that automatically populate the correct term, which can be found in the "Roles" group. Attempting to translate these Placeholders will break them.