Office for "Not Invited" Clients

New Office capabilities for Clients in "Not Invited" status

IMPORTANT: If you want to utilize the Office features of the platform for Clients in "Not Invited" status you'll need to follow the instructions below. Otherwise, those Clients will be sent incorrect Email Templates.

Previously the "Billing" feature was intended for Clients that were registered in the platform. Now, you can do all of the same things in Office with a Client that has not been invited to the Portal (in "Not Invited" status) that you can with a registered Client. This includes Invoices, Invoice Generators, Recurring Generators, Accumulating Generators, Estimates (for Prospects as well), Subscriptions, and Proposals.

For Documents, this is already an optional feature. You can read about that HERE.

If you plan to utilize this feature you'll need to take action on some of the Email Templates in the platform. You'll need to do this even if you have not customized the Templates.

Your options are:

  1. Reset to default with one click
  2. Change the Templates to only provide direct "non-logged" links
  3. Create two slightly different copies of your current Template

Navigate to Flyout Menu > Email Templates.

The categories you will need to modify are all located in the Office section.

When clicking on a category you'll be able to cycle through the different templates via the menu at the top. The categories that need to be changed will be noted further below.

When viewing a Template, you'll see the layout for your current template on the left and the system default text on the right.

Here are the Email Templates that will need to be modified:


  • On Create Invoice
  • On Create Invoice - No Payment
  • Payment Thank You
  • Invoicing - Payment Due
  • Invoice Due Date Approaching


  • New Estimate Notification
  • Estimate Expiring
  • Send Invoices when Estimate is Approved


  • New Proposal Notification
  • Proposal Expiring


  • Failed Payment Email (Client)

Option 1 - Reset to Default

If you do not have any customizations on your Template you can simply click the Reset to Default button located in the bottom left of the page.

This will update your template to the system default text, and you're all set!

Option 2 - only provided "non-logged" links

If you've already customized your text and don't want to have to create a second copy of your Templates you can simply modify them to only provide a link that doesn't require the Client to log in.

You can do this by using the Placeholder provided in the "Body Placeholder" list at the top of the page. Ensure that the [log-in] Placeholder is not used and rewrite the message so that it isn't asking them to log in. 

This way you'll be covered regardless of whether or not the Client has been invited to the portal or not.

Option 3 - Insert logic placeholders

You will need to have two slightly different copies of the same Template as a link to log into the platform will not be included in Templates to "Not Invited" Clients.

These copies need to each be wrapped in a set of "if-then" logic placeholders.

For Clients that have been invited to the portal and will be expected to log in place the following placeholders before and after the text, respectively:

	[%if invited%]

For Clients that have not been invited to the portal and will not be required to log in place the following placeholders before and after the text, respectively:

	[%if not invited%]