Rescheduling an Appointment

Rescheduling an Appointment

Both the Staff and Contacts have the ability to reschedule an Appointment as long as there is an available Appointment Type to choose from.

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How do I Reschedule an Appointment as a Staff Member?

If a Staff Member has an Appointment Type assigned and configured they have the ability to Reschedule an Appointment for a Contact.

Navigate to  Calendar > My Calendar, and click the appointment.

Clicking the Appointment on the Calendar will bring up a modal with the confirmation details as well as the option to Reschedule Appointment.

A modal will appear in which a new Time Slot can be selected. If multiple Appointment Types are available a dropdown menu will be available to choose from them.

Selecting a Time Slot will show the confirmation details of the Rescheduled Appointment. Click  Save to reschedule the Appointment.

Any Automations that have been set up will triggered at this time.

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The Rescheduled Appointment will appear at the new time on the Contact's and Staff Member's Calendars.