Scheduling an Appointment

How do I schedule an Appointment?

IMPORTANT: Currently, only the Client/Prospect has the ability to schedule Appointments. This functionality will be added to the Staff-side in the future.

To schedule an Appointment, the Staff Member)s) must first create an Appointment Type and set their availability.

CLICK HERE to learn about Appointment Types and Scheduling

Once this has been configured, navigate to  Calendar > My Calendar.

At a glance, your Contact will see the current status of their  Appointments with color-coded icons. The status of Appointments will update automatically when their respective Time Slot occurs.

To schedule an  Appointment, click the + button on the upper left-hand side of the screen (the default text for this button is "Add Appointment"). You will see a window with the available Time Slots for a particular Appointment Type. These Time Slots are generated based on appointer's settings. Time Slots that already have Appointments will not appear in the list. Use the dropdown menu to select Time Slots from a different Appointment Type.

Clicking on a  Time Slot will open a window confirming the Staff Name, Start Day/Time, and Duration of the Appointment. The Client will be required to give a title to the Appointment before setting it.

TIP: The Time Slots both the appointer and appointee sees are based on their respective Time Zone. For example, if a Client with a Time Zone of GMT-07:00 creates an appointment at 11am, and the appointer has a Time Zone of GMT-04:00, the Appointment will convert to 2pm.

Clicking on a created Appointment will bring up the confirmation details, as well as an option to Cancel it. Canceling an appointment will remove it from My Calendar for both the appointer and appointee, and a notification will be sent to both.

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