Custom Field Categories

What are Custom Field Categories?

Custom Field Categories help you specify which Custom Fields appear in the Contact Dashboard for each Contact.

For example, if you are an attorney and you practice many areas of law you are likely to collect a different set of information, depending on which Client you are serving. For a "Drunk Driving" client you might need to create some very specific data and this would be accomplished using Custom Fields. Then, for a "Trademark Law" client, you would collect a very different set of data, also using Custom Fields. Custom Field Categories a.k.a. CF Categories help you segment your Custom Fields so that you are only displaying the appropriate Custom Fields in each Client's Contact Dashboard.

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IMPORTANT: Custom Field Categories are currently only available to be used with CRM Contact type Custom Fields.

Summary of how it works

Custom Field (CF) Categories will help you specify which Custom Fields will show for each individual Contact. After setting up a CF Category, you can associate the CF Category with one or more Circles. Then for each Contact, you will only see the Custom Fields for each Contact that correlate to the Circles with which they are affiliated.


  1. Create a Custom Field (CF) Category.
  2. Create a Custom Field and assign the CF Category to that Custom Field.
  3. Associate the CF Category with a Circle or Circles.
  4. The Custom Field you created in Step 2 will only show on the Contact's Dashboard if that Contact is a part of a Circle from Step 3.

Creating your Custom Field Categories

Navigate to  Flyout Menu > Categories.

Select  Custom Fields > CRM Contacts

Click the  + Add Category - Custom Fields > CRM Contacts button

Create the CF Category by entering a Name. You may set a custom color or just accept the suggested color - then click Add. Colors play no real functional role here - the color will be used wherever the category is displayed.

Photographer is now a Category on the Manage Categories screen.

Creating a Custom Field with a CF Category

Navigate to  Flyout Menu > Custom Fields (or you can also create new Custom Fields on the fly in Kickoff and Update Forms)

Click the + ADD CUSTOM FIELD button

As you are creating your Custom Field (CRM Contact usage only) you will see the ability to assign one or more CF Categories

If you assign multiple Categories you will see a toggle labeled Require all categories to be assigned for this field to show. This is automatically toggled ON which means that the Contact would need to be associated with both Categories for the field to show.

If you toggle Require all categories to be assigned for this field to show OFF you will be able to assign multiple Categories and your Contact can be associated with either Category for the field to show.

Then, when you've made all your selections & assignments, click Add

You will see the CF Categories that you assign in the Categories column

Associate a CF Category with a Circle or Circles

Navigate to   CRM > Circles and click the title of the Circle you want to manage.

Then, below the Included in area, you will see a button for Assign CF Categories. Click that button to make your assignments.

When you assign a to a Circle, you are telling the platform to show ALL Custom Fields on the Contact Dashboard for ANY Contact that is a member of this Circle

Confirm the Custom Field visibility is correct

Navigate to the Contact Dashboard of a Contact that is a member of the Circle you just associated with the Custom Field to check the visibility.