Custom Fields

What are Custom Fields?

Custom Fields (CFs) are pieces of data that are unique to your company or organization.

You can create & use Custom Fields in a variety of places throughout SuiteDash.

Using Custom Fields in CRM

To get started creating new Custom Fields, open. the Fly-out Menu by clicking your Profile Picture in the top right of your screen. From there, look in the Content column and select Custom Fields.

You will find a list of all the existing Custom Fields. If you haven't created any, you'll be starting from scratch.

Start by clicking Add Custom Field

FIELD NAME: This is the "friendly name" by which your Custom Field will be referred. Something like "Spouse's Name" or "Favorite Color"

DESCRIPTION: This will be the actual text that a Prospect/Client would see as the Question or Statement associated with their response. Something like "Please tell us your Spouse's Name" or "What is your Favorite Color"?

USAGE: Here you will select where your Custom Field will be used. If you want this CF to be used in relation to an individual Contact, you'll choose CRM Contacts. Other available Usages are CRM > Company, Your Staff/Team, and Work Requests.

TYPE: Here you will select the type of data field you'd like to use. Currently, the available data types are Single-line Text Area, Multi-line Text Area, Checkbox, Date, Dropdown, Multiple Choice & File Upload.

OPTIONS: You have the option of allowing the Contact to edit this CF from their Profile Page. You might use this in cases where you'd like the Contact to be able to change this information on their own.

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