CONTENT: Custom Fields

What are Custom Fields?

Custom Fields are fields that you can create to suit your needs. For example, if you want to view a Contact's Profile and see their Birth Date, Marital Status, or even Favorite Color, this is where you add and configure those fields.

Custom Fields can be inserted into Forms (Kickoff and Update), so that when your Company or Contact fills it out, what they input into that field will be written into their Data Profile. You can also use the Dynamic Data Placeholders created from Custom Fields to display data from their Profile in various places throughout the platform.

The following types of Custom Fields are available:

  • CRM > Contacts: Related to your Contacts. Shown in your Contacts' Detail View screen.
  • CRM > Company > Public: Related to your Companies, this data is available to show to all Associated Contacts. Shown in the Company Dashboard (only if the Custom Field has associated data).
  • CRM > Company > Private: Related to your Companies, this data is private and is visible to the Primary Contact but not visible to associated Contacts. Shown in the Company Dashboard (only if the Custom Field has associated data)
  • Organization: Related to your Organization. This data is visible in Flyout > Organization Settings
  • Your Staff/Team: Related to your Staff. Shown while viewing the details of a Staff Member.
  • Work Request: Related to Work Requests. Will appear as an input field while your Customer is creating a Work Request.
  • Project: Related to Projects. Shown in Projects. 
  • Support: Related to Support Tickets.  Available in a Support Ticket Form.

You can also use special Invoice Custom Fields in Invoices.

CLICK HERE to learn about Invoice Custom Fields

IMPORTANT: Only CRM > ContactsCRM > Private Company, CRM > Public Company, Project and Organization type Custom Fields can be displayed using Dynamic Data Placeholders.

How do I create Custom Fields?

Navigate to Flyout Menu > Custom Fields.

Click the +Add Custom Field button.

A modal will appear in which you can fill out the required fields.

Field Name: This is the reference name of your Custom Field and will be shown on the CRM Dashboard (if applicable). The Client cannot see this name.

CLICK HERE to learn about the CRM Dashboard

Description: This is the text that a Contact will see, in the form of a question or statement associated with their response.

Usage: Choose from which sections of the platform the field will be used in. More information in the sections below.

Type: This determines the method of data input. More information in the following section.

Hide Placeholder: Check this box if you don't want the Placeholder for this Custom Field to be selectable throughout the platform.

If you select CRM > Contacts or Your Staff/Team under Usage, a checkbox will appear in which you can allow your Contacts or Staff to update the information on their Profile Page. 

If you select Projects under Usage and File Upload under Type a few more options will appear. You will be able to allow for multiple uploads, file previews, and file downloads. You can then select whether the files will be Public or Private and choose the folder the files will end up in by entering the name of the folder in the Destination Folder Path field.

For example, if I put my Destination Folder Path in as Blueprints and that Folder doesn't already exist in my account I can find those Files by going to Files > folder named Projects > find the folder with the name of my Project > new Folder named Blueprints will be there.

How do I manage my Custom Fields?

While in the Custom Fields List View, Click the Options menu button.

Edit: Modify the details of the Custom Field

Duplicate: Create a copy of the Custom Field

Copy Placeholder: Copy the unique Placeholder which is created for the Custom Field

Copy UID: Copy the unique Contact UID.

Delete: Remove the Custom Field from the platform. Note: This cannot be undone.

IMPORTANT: Deleting a Custom Field will remove it from any Form, Portal Page, etc. that it was being used in.

What do the Custom Field Types mean?

When used in a Form, this is how the types of Custom Fields will appear.

Single-line Text Area: A single line, intended for responses with a single or just a few words or numbers

Multi-line Text Area: A "box" field intended for sentences, bullet points, etc.

Rich Text Area: A "box" field for enhanced text such as, bold, underline, strikethrough, and more.

Email: This field will only accept input in an email format

Checkbox: A single checkbox prompting a yes/no response

Date: Clicking this field will show a date picker, in which you can select the date.

Dropdown: Clicking this field will open a dropdown menu. You can also enable Multi-selection for this Custom Field.

Radio Buttons: Presents a selection of choices each with a check box. You can also enable Multi-selection for this Custom Field (as shown).

File Upload: This allows uploading of a file either by dragging it into the perforated space, or clicking Select Files to open the File Explorer. You can enable the ability to upload multiple files.

Custom Field (Upload Types) can be used in conjunction with an Image Block to show an uploaded image. Each Target will see the image that was uploaded to their own Custom Field.  Only JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, APNG, AVIF, ICO, BMP, WEBP File types can be viewed.

CLICK HERE to learn about Block Editor Block Types

URL: This field will only accept input in a URL format

TIP: The URL Custom Field hyperlink & copy to clipboard functionalities are available in the CRM Dashboard when URL's have been added as a URL Custom Field.

Number: This field will only accept numeric values

CLICK HERE to learn about Custom Field Math Operations

Calculating: Placeholders for Number Type Custom Fields are the only accepted Placeholders. With the Placeholders you can use Addition(+), Subtraction(-), Multiplication(*), and Division(/). Decimals and Parentheses are accepted. Simple Math Example: {{CustomFieldOne}} + {{CustomFieldTwo}} Complex Math Example: ({{CustomFieldOne}} * 2) + {{CustomFieldTwo}}.

TIP:  Placeholders for Custom Fields can be copied via the options menu for that Custom Field.

Custom Fields for Contacts or Custom Fields for Companies

To see your Custom Fields in action for a Contact, you can navigate to CRM > Contacts

To see your Custom Fields in action for a Company, you can navigate to CRM > Company.

Click on a Contact or Company. Alternatively, you can click on the Options menu button and select View.

The Custom Fields will appear under the Profile Information section. Any field with no data provided will show Not Provided.

To change the order of the fields, as well as copy a Placeholder to your clipboard, click the Manage Profile button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then click Quick Data to view, update and sort the Contact or Companies Custom Fields.

CLICK HERE to learn about Dynamic Data Placeholders

Changing how Fields appear while adding a Contact or Company

Any Custom Fields you create for a Contact or a Company will appear in the list while adding them to the CRM ( CRM > Contacts > +Add Contact) or (CRM > Company > + Add Company).

To configure this, navigate to CRM > Settings, then click the Custom Fields tab in the side navigation bar.

Choose the relevant Custom Fields (Contact, Company Public or Company Private). Then choose which fields you would like to be visible, and designate whether or not a field is required for submission.

You can also change the order of the fields by clicking the icon and dragging it into place.

Custom Fields for Your Staff/Team

To see your Custom Fields in action for Staff usage, navigate to Flyout Menu > Manage Staff.

Click on a Staff Member. Alternatively, you can click the Options menu button and select Edit.

Any Custom Fields you create for Staff will appear at the bottom.

Custom Fields in Work Requests

A Custom Field in a Work Request will display for your Contact when they create one.

To see it in action navigate to Projects > Work Requests.

Click the +Work Requests button.

The field will appear in their Work Request Form. You can mark this field as "required" during creation to ensure the Contact fills it out.

Custom Fields in Projects

While creating a new Project, you'll be able to fill in details for a Project Custom Field.

Navigate to Projects > Projects and click the +Add Project button.

Any Project Custom Fields you've created will be listed in the Other Info section.

Custom Fields in Support Tickets

While creating a Support Ticket, you'll be able to fill in details for a Support Custom Field.

Navigate to Support and click the + to Create a new Ticket.

Any Support Custom Fields you've created will be available to add to the Support Ticket Form.

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