LMS: Manage Your Courses

How do I manage my Courses?

Navigate to  LMS > Courses. Click the icon on the Course Card you would like to manage, and select Manage Course.

To the right of the screen in the Course View, you'll have several options to choose from to manage the Course itself.

Preview: See a preview of how the Course will appear to the Participant. Note: At least one Module is required to preview the Course.

Edit Details: Modify Product details, such as the Title, Description, Cover Image, etc.

Settings: Configure your Course Navigation options.

"Linear Navigation" restricts Participants to meet the specified completion requirement before moving on to the next Lesson/Module, while "Free Navigation" lets them choose Lessons/Modules in any order.

Course Materials: Upload files that will be available for the Participant to reference.

Styling: Customize the menu/text/etc. colors of the Course. You can also upload a logo that will appear on the interface.

In the main Course View, you'll be able to see the list of Modules that have been added.

To start with, there is a Course Completed Module - this is the screen that the Participant will end up on once they have completed the Course. You can edit the contents of this Module by clicking the icon and selecting Edit.

How do I create Modules and Lessons?

Modules are the containers for Lessons - the actual learning material your Participant will utilize.

A Module is an interface that your Participant will have on their screen, in which they can click to navigate to each Lesson. You can think of a Module as a "book", with the Lessons as its "chapters".

While in a Course View, click the +Add Module button.

Give your new Module a Title, and optionally a Description.

Now you can add a Lesson inside the Module. After all, what is a book without content?

Click the icon. You will be directed to a "New Lesson" page.

Be sure to change the title of your Lesson here. Then, you can use the Content Block Editor to add content.

CLICK HERE to learn about the Content Block Editor

To the right of the screen, you'll find several options.

Preview: See a preview of how the current Lesson will appear to the Participant.

Lesson Materials: Upload file(s) that will be available for the Participant to reference.

Settings: For now, you will not be able to configure any additional options.

Once you have added the content for your Lesson, you can either save it as a Draft, or Publish it. A Published Lesson will only appear to Participants if the Product that is containing it has been Activated.

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