Embeddable Remote Chat: Basics

What is Remote Chat?

Embeddable Remote Chat allows you to create and configure a chat that you can install on any 3rd party website. You’ll be able to completely control how the chat experience looks and feels complete with custom colors, logos, icons, and text labels. 

This is easy to set up and configure with a full set of no-code options. You can configure as many Remote Chat instances as you need in case you have multiple Websites and/or Landing Pages.

*Embeddable Remote Chat is only available with the PRIME Bundle Power-Up

How do I use Remote Chat?

You can access the Chat pane anywhere on the platform by the  icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

You will then click Settings & Tools at the very bottom of the Chat. This will open up Chat Tools where you can select Embeddable Remote Chat.

If you have already set up a Remote Chat you will see those listed here. To start a new chat click the + button.

This will open up all of the options available to you with Remote Embeddable Chat. There is a toggle to set the Chat Active or Inactive. This gives you the freedom to set up a Chat for use later on or to choose when you want the Chat to be available. Right next to that trigger there is a button for you to copy the embed code. This is what you will use to embed the Chat on your website. 

Remote Chat Details

Select Remote Chat details to set the title and customize your chat. The customizations that are required will have a red star next to them. You will not be able to save your chat unless those selections have been made.

Appearance & Embed Options

Here you can customize the colors and icons for your chat.

Assign Staff / Team(s)

Select which Staff members and/or Teams will be able to interact with the chat.

Advanced Options

If you want to unlock even more customization you can open up Advanced Options.

Once you have all of your settings configured make sure to click Save Settings at the bottom of the screen. You'll see you also have the option to delete Chats by clicking the trash can icon.

Now that the chat is ready to go it's time to embed it on a webpage. Click to copy the Embed Code. Your generated script will pop up allowing you to copy it. You can click the actual script to do this or select Copy Scripts. You will use this script to embed the chat on a webpage.

How Do I Send a Form via Remote Chat?

First, you will join the chat by clicking Join Channel.

Then, you will click the Form icon a the bottom of the chat.

This will pull up a list of all Kickoff and General Forms that are currently in your account.

Select which Forms you would like to send by clicking the check box. You can send multiple Forms at a time. Clicking Send will not automatically send them, but it will add these Forms to the chat. This allows you to double-check what you are sending before they go out.

After sending the chat with the Forms they will show up as links that your customer can click.

Here is an example of what this looks like from the customer side: