Plan Power-Ups

What is a Power-Up?

Power-Up is a feature (or set of features) that you can apply to an existing Plan for an additional monthly fee.

Power-Ups can be added to any type of Plan, except in the event that the related feature is not available in said Plan (such as Dedicated IP for Start Plans). The monthly fee will be charged regardless of the type of term you have for your Plan (Monthly, Yearly, or Life).

When you activate a Power-Up, the button will turn green and will say Active.

You can cancel at any time by clicking cancel.

PLUS Bundle Power-Up

You can purchase this Power-Up to receive multiple perks. This price is a recurring $40 per month.

The PLUS Bundle unlocks the  Secure Credit Card Vaulting feature, which allows you to save credit card information for your Prospects and Clients independently from a Payment Gateway.

CLICK HERE to learn about Credit Card Vaulting

It also unlocks the Email Cannons feature, which lets you send an email campaign directly to a single recipient without having to add them to a Marketing Audience.

CLICK HERE to learn about Email Cannons

You will also unlock the ability to Enforce Secure Passwords! You will have the option of customizing the complexity and length of the passwords that will be permitted when setting up an account. You will have the choice of defining how many characters, what types of characters, and more.

CLICK HERE to learn about Enforcing Secure Passwords

The PLUS Bundle also grants you 1000GB extra file storage, in addition to the current file storage quota you have for your plan.

Deliverability Power-Up

You can purchase this Power-Up for the Marketing Toolkit. The price is a recurring $20 per month.

The Dedicated IP Power-Up gives you a hassle-free way to send Email Campaigns and Autoresponders via Email Marketing.

Instead of having to provide your own credentials for your "Email Sending Settings", you can instead purchase this Power-Up. We will set up a dedicated IP address for you, with a standard allowance of 10,000 emails per month. This will give you a streamlined experience, as all you need to do is make the purchase and the rest is handled by us.

Once you click  Add Bundle, a request will be sent to us to activate your Dedicated IP. You will not be charged until it is approved (typically within two business days). Once approved, you will receive a notification email and you will be all set!

IMPORTANT: If the 10k/month threshold is reached, you will be billed an additional $15.00 for every 10,000 emails sent that month beyond the initial allowance.

CLICK HERE to learn about Email Marketing Settings

PRIVATE Invitation Only

VIP Bundle Power-Up

You can purchase this Power-Up to receive multiple perks. The price for the VIP Bundle is  $50 per month.

LIVE Support Sessions: You’ll have the ability to run your questions by a SuiteDash expert in a LIVE group session! VIPs will have an additional menu in their Manage Account area that will display the schedule of upcoming LIVE Support Sessions. Simply click the link to join at the appropriate time, and you’ll enter the Zoom meeting where a SENSEI Certified Agency Partner will be available to answer questions and guide the discussion.
PRIORITY Support: We are honored by the many comments & reviews that go out of their way to compliment our Help Team and the quality of their support. Priority Support takes that already high level to an even higher level. As a VIP, your support requests will be tagged appropriately and be prioritized so that your questions will be answered as soon as possible.
PRIVATE Discord Server: Introducing the “VIP Suite” – a private Discord Community Server for VIPs only. Not only will you have real-time communications with other VIP SuiteMates, but you’ll also have the opportunity to interact with the SuiteDash Team, SuiteDash Wizards and SENSEI Agency Partners. The VIP Suite will be home to a variety of LIVE Sessions, AMAs & other interactive Community events!
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