Google Calendar Integration

Can I sync to my Google Calendar?

Yes! You can sync the platform to your Google Calendar, so that all Tasks, Events and Appointments appear there.

All Staff Roles, as well as Prospects and Clients, have the ability to sync to their own Google Calendar in their individual accounts. However, you can choose to disable this menu from your Staff Members or Contacts in your Company Profile / Settings.

CLICK HERE to learn about Company Profile / Settings

IMPORTANT: Currently, syncing your Google Calendar is only one-way (Platform -> Google Calendar). The platform calendar does not import any information. 

How do I sync to my Google Calendar?

Navigate to Flyout Menu > Integrations.

In the Google Calendar section, slick the Sign in with Google button to sign into your Google Account.

Choose the account that you would like to sign in to.

You'll be asked to verify the permissions granted to SuiteDash. After reviewing, click the Allow button.

Confirm the permissions, and click the Allow button to connect your account.

Now you can select the Calendar you wish to sync to from the Dropdown menu, and click Sync Data.

You will see a message confirming the synchronization process. Now you're all set!

TIP: You can disable the sync at any time by clicking the Delete button.

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