Company Settings

Setting your Company Profile

Here you can add all of the information pertaining to your business. You can also customize the settings related to your business, such as monitoring users who log into the platform.

To get started, navigate to Flyout Menu > Company Settings.


This is where you can set your Company Logo that will appear in places other than the Portal, such as Invoices and Estimates. You can click the Select File button to manually navigate to the image file you would like to upload, or you can click and drag the file and drop it into the perforated space.

Basic Info

Here you can set the standard information for your business, including the name, website and contact information.

Location Info

You can fill out the physical address of your business, specify your Time Zone and choose your preferred date format.

The Time Zone selection can be hidden from users whom are registering into the platform. This is recommended for businesses that solely operate locally.

General Settings

In this section, you can set controls for privacy, notifications and White Labeling.

Privacy Controls

By default, email notifications for Secure Messaging do not display the contents of the message. You can change it so that the whole message is displayed within the email.

WARNING: This setting overrides HIPAA compliance. Do not enable this setting if your business deals with sensitive information.

Integrations Visibility

Hide the Integrations menu that shows in the Flyout Menu for users in the platform.

Notification Settings

If you would like to be notified when a user logs into the Portal, you can set it here. You can have the notifications sent to individual Staff Members or all of them. This will apply to any newly-created Staff Members.

For Clients and Prospects, you can also choose to send a notification to their assigned Coordinator.

Timer Widget Settings

You'll be able to disable the Timer Widget entirely, or choose who you would like to have visibility.

CLICK HERE to learn about Timers

Choose by Role: Choose which Role(s) you would like to see the Timer Widget. You can also choose Select All, which includes all Staff Roles except for Office Manager).

Choose Staff Member: You can choose individual Staff Member(s) that will be able to see and use the Timer Widget.

IMPORTANT: These settings will only affect visibility of the Timer Widget and not the general Timers functionality.  You'll need to also configure visibility in Custom Menus in order to do this. The settings configured here will take priority over the settings configured in Custom Menus.

CLICK HERE to learn about Custom Menus

Trigger Actions

You can set a series of Actions to trigger when a Prospect or Client confirms their account and logs into the Portal (by clicking on their Portal Access Invitation Email).

CLICK HERE to learn about Actions

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