Pop-Up Notices

What is a Pop-Up Notice?

A Pop-Up Notice is a temporary message that you can set to appear to specified users in your platform. This is useful when you want to broadcast important information. You can customize the message, select a location, and choose to assign the Notice to an individual user, as well as Circles, Teams, or by Role.

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This differs from the Notification Center, which only notifies the user of system notifications and requires the user to open the panel to view it. Pop-Up Notices overlay any screen the user is viewing and can be set to appear multiple times after it is closed.

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How do I create a Pop-Up Notice?

Navigate to Flyout Menu > Pop-Up Notices.

Click the +Add Pop-Up Notice button.

A modal will appear in which you can create your Pop-Up Notice. 

Give your new Notice a  Title, which will appear as the header, and Text body which will serve as the contents of the message. You will be able to use some simple formatting for the message and can create hyperlinks.

Location Options allow you to specify where on the Platform you would like your Users to see the notice. Click on the Dropdown to scroll through your options and select a location. Once selected the notice will ONLY appear on that location. 

If you do not choose a location the notice will automatically appear on every page. 

Scheduling Options allow you to specify when you would like your Users to see the notice. 

If you want the notice to show up immediately you can toggle Schedule this Notice OFF

Date-Time Scheduling: When this is toggled on you will select a Starting Date/Time and an ending Date/Time.

Time Scheduling: When this is toggled on you will select a Start Time and End Time.

If you select Standard Time Delivery the notice will show/hide to all Users based on the Time Zone you have set in your Company Settings.

If you select Time-Shifted Delivery the notice with show/hide based on each User's individual Time Zone settings.

Assignment Options allow you to decide which Users will see the notice.

Assign to Roles: Enable this option if you would like to assign the Pop-Up Notice to all users in a particular Role(s). You will then be able to select the desired Roles from the dropdown menu.

Assign to Contacts, Staff, Circles, or Teams: Enable this option if you would like to assign the Pop-Up Notice to a particular individual user(s), or all users in a Circle or Team. You will then be able to select from a Contact, Staff Member, Circle, or Team, or a combination of these assignments.

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You can customize the Background Color, Text Color, and Border Color by choosing from a Color Picker.

Active: Setting the Notice to Active will make it live so that it will appear in the accounts of the assigned user(s) immediately when you click the Save button.

Show Notice: Enter a number into this field, which will determine how many additional times the notice will be shown when closed by the user.

Reset Count: This option will only be available while editing a Pop-Up Notice and not during creation. If checked, the Persistence Options will be applied to Pop-Up Notices that have already been displayed.

Once the Pop-Up Notice has been saved, you will be able to interact with it using the Options menu button.

View: Show a preview of the Pop-Up Notice, exactly as it will appear for the assigned users.

Edit: Modify all details of the Notice.

Delete: Remove the Pop-Up Notice entirely. Note: This cannot be undone.

What do the assigned users see?

Once you set your Pop-Up Notice as Active, it will immediately be visible to the assigned user(s) on their next login (or page load, if they are currently logged in).

The Pop-Up Notice will be fixed at the bottom right-hand corner of their screen. To remove the notice, the user can click the icon.

Depending on the number you specified while creating the Pop-Up Notice, it will continue to reappear on subsequent page loads.

Multiple Pop-Up Notices can be Active at the same time, and will stack.