Announcements Widget

What is the Announcements widget?

Using the Announcements widget on the Dashboard, you can create posts that will automatically display for certain user roles on their Dashboard after login. 

These posts could be welcome messages, reminders, links to external web pages, and much more. To get started, simply click the "Create a new announcement" link within the widget (or click the main "This is the Announcement Widget" graphic if this is your first Announcement).

From there, a form will be displayed with a few fields to fill out:


This will be the main name of the Announcement, which will appear as the header at the top of the entry in the widget.


This will be the primary content of the Announcement. Similar to creating Pages, you can use the included editor to create content, either visually or via direct HTML. Generally speaking, any content you could place/build inside a standard HTML webpage can be placed/built inside an Announcement.

Make a sticky announcement

Checking this box will "sticky" this Announcement, which will mean it will always stay at the top of the Announcement widget list (by default Announcements are arranged by date, with the newest on top). If you have multiple Announcements stickied, you can arrange them using the up and down arrows that appear when you hover over the particular Announcement.

Announcement access

Announcements are permissioned on a per-role basis, meaning if you assign an Announcement to "Clients", it will be visible to all Client users within your environment. You can permission an Announcement to one role, multiple roles, or to everyone. Once you select your first desired role from the initial drop-down, you will be able to select additional roles from the displayed check-boxes.

Once the Announcement is filled out and assigned as desired, you can click "Post" to save it. It will immediately be visible to any users who fall in the role(s) you have assigned.

Can I make a unique Announcement for each Client?

Yes, there is a method for accomplishing this. Click HERE

VIDEO: How to create a unique Announcement message for each individual Client?  Don't forget to Subscribe to the Channel & hit that Bell to be notified each time a SuiteDash Tips N' Tricks video is released.

Embedding a Video in the Announcement widget

If you want to embed a video, you can simply need to embed it from Vimeo or YouTube.

You can use the 'source' button in the WYSIWYG editor and then just drop the embed code in there.

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