Dynamic Data Placeholders

What are Dynamic Data Placeholders?

Dynamic Data Placeholders (DDP) are "tags" that automatically generate the correct corresponding content depending on whom is viewing it. Any Custom Field you set for your Contacts are available as DDPs. It will also pull relative information such as specific dates (today's date, Contract creation date, etc).

For example: if you set the DDP {{clientFirstName}} in a Portal Page, it will appear as Woody when Woody Allen is logged in. Contacts will only be able to view their own respective information.

You can find DDPs in several areas of the platform. They will typically available to select from while in any text Editor, such as while creating Portal Pages, Contracts, Help Message in FLOWs, etc.

Dynamic Data View

You can also find a list of the main DDPs in a Contact Detail View. To access this page, navigate to CRM > Contacts.

Click on a Contact. Alternatively, you can click the Options dropdown menu and select View.

Click the Dynamic Data button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to launch Dynamic Data View. This is a multi-purpose interface that lets you quickly and easily update the data associated with a particular Contact.

You can click a DDP to copy it to your Clipboard. While in this view, you can quickly change the values for the specific Contact.

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