CRM: Contact Coordinator

What is a Coordinator?

A Contact Coordinator is a person from your Staff ( Admin, Project Manager, Office Manager, Teammate, Salesperson) that you can specifically assign to be the 'Point of Contact' for one or more of your Prospects or Clients.

How a Coordinator can be set?

There are two ways to set a Coordinator. You can either set a Coordinator directly from Contact View Page or you can set the same Coordinator or you can change/set the Coordinator of many Contacts at the same time using the CRM Bulk Edit Tool.

What specific actions apply to a Coordinator?

The Coordinator of a Client will be the designated Staff member to receive email notifications when that Client performs certain actions, uploads files, etc... within the platform.
IMPORTANT: For the Salesperson role, Coordinator has an additional effect. When a Salesperson is set as the Coordinator for a Contact, they are then able to edit that Contact, an action that is otherwise restricted for Salespersons.
Places where you can set the coordinator to receive emails are: Files, Projects, Tasks . 

How to set a Coordinator to receive Emails when a Client uploads files 

From FILES SETTINGS you will have the possibility to change the receiver(s) of the notification emails when files are uploaded on the client side. You can either select just the Contact Coordinator or Admins and Contact Coordinator. 
When you check ‘’Only the Contact's Coordinator’’ - Nobody else will receive a mail notification about the uploaded files except Contact’s Coordinator. 
When you check : All Admins and the Contact's Coordinator - Super Admin, Admins and Coordinator will receive mail notification about the uploaded files.
If you don’t want anyone to receive mail notification when files are uploaded from clients just check : ‘’Don't send an email notification’’ and nobody will receive an email notification. 
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