CRM: Contact Coordinator

What is a Coordinator?

A Coordinator is a person from your Staff ( Super Admin, Admin, Project Manager, Office Manager, Salesperson) that you can specifically assign to be the "Point of Contact" for a Prospect or Client.

The Coordinator is the designated Staff Member to receive email notifications when the Contact performs certain actions, uploads files, etc., within the platform. You can set the Coordinator to receive emails in relation to Files, Projects, and Tasks.

TIP: For the "Salesperson" Role, Coordinator has an additional effect. When a Salesperson is set as the Coordinator for a Contact, they are able to edit that Contact, an action that is otherwise restricted for Salespersons.

How can I set a Coordinator?

During the creation of a Contact (either manually, via Kickoff Form, or via CSV Import), you will be required to set a Coordinator. You can change the Coordinator at any time by editing the Contact.

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You can also change the Coordinator of multiple Contacts at once by using the CRM Bulk Edit Tool.

CLICK HERE to learn about the CRM Bulk Edit Tool

How do I set a Coordinator to receive emails when a Client uploads Files?

Navigate to Files in the main menu.

Click the icon to open the File Settings modal.

Under Manage Who Receives Notifications, you will be able to configure whether or not the Contact's Coordinator will receive an email notification if a file is uploaded.

You can choose just the Coordinator, all Admin(s), and the Coordinator, or you can turn notifications off.