FORMS: Kickoff Forms (Self Registration)

What is a Kickoff Form?

Instead of manually adding Contacts into your CRM, you can provide an Kickoff Form for your Contacts to fill out and add themselves into the platform. You can even create an Approval process, by choosing to not sending the Portal Access Invitation immediately so that you can send it after review of the registration submission. Existing Contacts can also complete a Kickoff Form to update their information. You can also have a Staff Member fill out the Kickoff Form in lieu of the Contact; more information in the sections below.

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Kickoff Forms can be embedded inside the Portal, but typically you would embed one externally such as on a page on your website, or provide a link.

Potential Contacts can also register with an associated Company, including as a Primary Contact. You can also use a Choice Block to customize a Contact's registration based on their choices!

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How do I create a CRM Kickoff Form?

Navigate to the Forms menu item, and click  +Create Form.

You will then be able to choose Kickoff Forms. Alternatively, you can click the icon beside the +Create Form button and choose from the dropdown menu.

From here, you will be able to build your  Kickoff Form.

Start by giving your Form a  Title. By default, "Untitled Form" is populated into this field.

You'll see an initial set of Form Blocks by default. These are required for all Kickoff Forms and cannot be removed, but you can rearrange the order and change the name of the fields.

Custom Fields

Use the dropdown menu to choose  Custom Fields to add to the Form. Any Custom Fields you have already created will be in the list. You can also click Create Custom Field to create new ones.

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Once you add the field, you can rearrange the order by clicking the icon and dragging it into place. You can delete a field by clicking the red icon.

To configure settings for a field, click the icon.

Pre-Fill Value: If enabled, the value you input into the provided field will be shown by default.

Required: This field will be required to have input and the user will be unable to submit the form until it has been filled out.

Hidden: The field will be hidden from view and the user will be unable to input any data into it.

Advanced Blocks

You can use the  Advanced Blocks dropdown to select a Content Block to insert before, after, or between fields in the Form.

More information on HTML Content Blocks, Appointment Blocks, Choice Blocks, and CAPTCHA Blocks in the following sections.

Contact Details for "Unknown" Targets

A new user who is filling out the Kickoff Form is an "Unknown" Target. This Target is not yet in your CRM, but will be added once they complete the form.

You'll need to set how this new Contact will be entered into the CRM.

IMPORTANT: You'll need to decide if you want to implement a Choice Block into your form before filling out this section. If add a Choice Block, these section will disappear and will instead need to be configured within each Choice Sub Block.

You are required to choose a Role and a Coordinator for your potential Contact. The optional fields available will depend on which Role you choose.

You can also choose to assign the Contact to a Salesperson.

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If you choose Client as the Role, you will have the ability to enable Paid Portal Access, located in the bottom section. This will require Clients to pay before accessing the platform.

CLICK HERE to learn about Paid Portal Access

You can add Actions to your Form, which will trigger once the Form has been submitted.

CLICK HERE to learn about Actions

Contact Details for "Known" Targets

An existing user is a "Known" Target. This Target is already in your CRM.

You can have an existing Contact's information updated as a result of completing this form.

You can also trigger assignments to the Target, such as Event Templates, Project Generators, etc.

Choice Block: How do I customize a Contact's registration based on their choices?

You can insert a  Choice Block to allow a Prospect or Client choose different paths while registering. For example, you could set up a choice of different Subscription Plans with varying prices. Or, you could add the Contact to different Circles with unique viewable content depending on their choices.

In action, this Block will appear as a dropdown menu for the user to select from. How they will be registered into the platform will depend on which option they choose.

Select  Choice Block from the Advanced Blocks dropdown menu.

Once selected, the Block will automatically be added to the list above with one Choice by default.

IMPORTANT: When you add a Choice Block to the list, the "Form Actions" section will be removed. Instead, you'll be filling out this information in each Choice Sub Block.

Click the icon to configure what will happen if the Contact makes this particular choice. This is just like filling out a standard Kickoff Form in which you choose the Contact's Role and Coordinator, and optionally assign them to a Circle, apply a Folder Generator, etc.

Click the Add New Choice button to add additional Choice Sub Blocks.

In practice, "Choice Block" will be the title of the field, and the Choice Sub Blocks will represent what you can choose from the dropdown menu.

TIP: You can give Contacts the ability to schedule Appointments with specific Appointment Types in each Choice Sub Block. In order for this option to appear, you will need to add an Appointment Block to the list of Forms Blocks first.

Appointment Block: How can the Contact book an Appointment while signing up?

When choosing either a Prospect or a Client as the Role for your Kickoff Form you can give the user the option of allowing them to schedule an Appointment while registering.

Select  Appointment Block from the Advanced Blocks dropdown menu.

Once selected, the Block will automatically be added to the list above.

CLICK HERE to learn about Appointments in Kickoff Forms

HTML Blocks: How do I add my own content in addition to form fields?

You can insert HTML Content Blocks that you can use to insert text, images, videos, etc. into the Form. You can place these blocks before, after, or even in between fields and can add as many as you'd like.

Select HTML Content from the Advanced Blocks dropdown menu.

Once selected, the Block will automatically be added to the list above.

Once added, click the icon to expand the pane and click the Edit Content button.

A standard WYSIWYG editor will appear in which you can add content. Click the  <> icon to switch to HTML.

How do I associate a Contact with a Company?

As Company functionality is a specialized feature, you'll need to take these steps to insert a Company field into your Form.

First, you'll need to select the Company Name field from the Custom Fields dropdown menu.

When the field is added to the list, click the icon to expand the pane.

Toggle Allow open-ended input of Company name to ON.

Allow open-ended input of Company name: Enabling this feature will automatically insert a Company field into your Form. When filled in by the Contact, they will be associated with that Company if a close enough match is made. This allows for variations and typos.

By default, enabling this option will NOT create a new Company if no match is detected. This is useful if you would rather manually create the new Companies as needed.

Create Company if no match can be made: When the Company field is filled in by the Contact, if no matching Company is detected a new one will be created. In Company First mode, they will automatically be assigned as the Primary Contact.

Please note that the matchmaking algorithm cannot be 100% accurate. With this option enabled, there is the possibility of duplicate Companies (if the naming methods vary by too much).

CLICK HERE to learn about Company First Mode

IMPORTANT: If you manually create and add a "Company" field, it will not work correctly. Please use the toggle option detailed above to include a Company field into the Form.

How do I configure Embedding options for a CRM Kickoff Form?

During editing of a Form, you can click the Link / Embed button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

After you have saved the Form, you can access this screen by clicking on the Options menu button beside the Form name and selecting Link / Embed.

What you have configured in your  Default Form Embed Settings will be applied here. However, you can change these settings individually.

The setting options are identical to the ones in  CRM Settings.

CLICK HERE to learn about Form Embed Settings (CRM Settings)

How do I use a CRM Kickoff Form?

Contact Submission

On the  Link / Embed screen, you will have two options to share your Form.

Direct Link: Simply copy this link and share it where ever you'd like. You can also create a custom Friendly URL; learn more below.

Embed Code: Use this code to embed your Form outside of the platform, such as a page on your website.

If you have your Custom URL configured, you can create a Friendly URL under URL Alias.

CLICK HERE to learn about Friendly URLs

Manual Submit

In some cases, you may want to fill out a Kickoff Form in place of the Contact. A customer may call you on the phone, for example, and have you set up their account for them.

In the Forms List View, just click the Options menu button and select Manual Submit.

This will open the Form in a new tab for you to fill in the details. The Contact will be added to the CRM just as if they had filled it out.

How do I view submissions for my CRM Kickoff Form?

While viewing Forms, click the Options menu button and select Submissions.

Alternatively, you can click the  Submissions button while editing the Form, located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

The precise date of each submission is displayed.

To view the submissions, just click directly on the row, or click the  Options menu button and select View.

Click the Options menu button to view, download a PDF version, or delete the submission.  This will not delete the Contact.

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