CRM: Adding Contacts

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Clicking Add Contact will take you to a page where you will be presented with several default fields to fill out for the new Contact. 

In addition to the required fields (Role, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Email), you also have the option to assign the Contact to a Company (a new Company can be created using the “Add Quick Company” button), as well as upload an avatar for the Contact, and fill in other pertinent info such as phone number, address, etc.

After you’re done, just click “Add” to save the new Contact.

ATTENTION: If you're having trouble adding a Contact, read the 'Inactive Contacts' section below for the most likely explanation

Inactive Contacts

If you want to temporarily disable one of your Contact's access to your Portal, you can simply set them as Inactive.

To do this, just select the Options menu from the List or Card view and select Set Inactive.

If you're trying to add a Contact, and it says their email address has already been taken, it's very likely that you'll find them in Inactive Contacts. If you definitely want to use that email address and it's already used for another Contact or for a member of your Staff, you'll have to completely Delete that other user so that the email address can be used for a new Contact. You should find them in Inactive Contacts and then use the Delete option there (this is permanent), and then you'll be able to use that email address to create a new Contact.

Invite now? or Invite later?

There will be scenarios where you will not want to immediately send an invitation email to the Contact when you're adding them into your CRM. Perhaps you're not ready with all the information in their Portal area, or it's just not part of your particular workflow. This is no problem.

If you leave this option checked, then the Prospect/Client will receive an email immediately that will include a link that allows them to choose a password and enter the Portal.

If you uncheck this option, and finish adding the Contact, they will then have the status of 'Not invited' as you can see below.

With the Contact added, but not invited, you can now have the freedom to build the resources that you intend for them to see, assign files, add to Circles, impersonate the Contact to verify that everything looks ok, and then when you are prepared and ready, you can easily send their invite email by choosing 'Send Invite' from the Options drop-down menu.

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