FILES: Folder Profiles

What are Folder Profiles?

* Folder Profiles available only for Thrive/Pinnacle plans

Have you ever wished you could automatically set a predefined folder structure for a specific type of Client? Well, Folder Profiles to the rescue!!

You can pre-define a folder structure that will be automatically generated inside a Contact's Shared Folder. First, you will need to create the Folder Profile, which can include any number/level of folders, and even files. 

Then, when you are adding new Contacts, you will select the appropriate Folder Profile here, and that structure will be automatically generated for the created Contact.

You can create as many Folder Profiles as you need, and then you can apply any Folder Profile to a Contact when they are created.

IMPORTANT: It's important to understand that  Folder Profiles will only apply to newly created contacts. You ARE able to retroactively apply a Folder Profile to a client that already exists, but this must be applied using a different method. (See Below)

What can I include in a Folder Profile?

You can create as many folders/files as you like in a Folder Profile, and inside those folders, you can create files and even subfolders... and those subfolders can have files & subfolders.

IMPORTANT: Files can be included, but it's important to understand that those files are only copied to the Contact when the Contact is created. There is not a continuous sync between the files that are in the Folder Profile and the files that will exist in the Client's individual folders after the initial creation.

How do I create a Folder Profile?

To create a Folder Profile you simply navigate to the Folder Profiles folder that exists in the root directory of the Files Toolkit and click to open that folder.

Inside the Folder Profiles folder, you'll see the New Folder Profile button. When you click the New Folder Profile button, it creates a folder, which you will provide a name/title for.

You just named the new Folder Profile!

Now, whatever structure you create inside this folder will be the folder structure that will be replicated for any Client to which this Folder Profile is assigned during creation.

TIP: You can create as many Folder Profiles as you need, and apply them as is appropriate based on the type of Prospect/Client you're adding to your account. This gives you a great deal of flexibility!

How do I edit a Folder Profile?

To edit a Folder Profile, you simply navigate into that profile (the folder that has the profile name), navigate about and change/rename folders, files, etc....

It's really that easy!

Where can I apply Folder Profiles?

You can apply Folder Profiles as an option when you're manually adding new Contacts in the Add Contact form, or you can assign them as an option when you're configuring Intake Forms.

Can I apply a Folder Profile to an existing Contact?

Yes, of course!

To do this, navigate to your CRM > Contacts menu, select the Options drop-down menu and click Apply Folder Profile

From here, just choose the Folder Profile that you want to apply and click Apply Folder Profile

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