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What is a General Form?

A General Form does not have any specific requirements and can be used for just about anything. This type of Form does not record data for specific users. It can be used within the platform or externally, but provides you a place within the platform to view/download the submissions.

TIP: Anyone can fill out a General Form, even if they are not a user within the platform. In this case, it will show up as N/A under "User" in Submissions.

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How do I create a General Form?

Navigate to the  Forms menu item, and click +Create Form.

You will then be able to choose General Forms. Alternatively, you can click the icon beside the +Create Form button and choose from the dropdown menu.

From here, you will be able to build your  General Form.

You can choose a Specialty Type, which allows you to use the Form for a more specific purpose.

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Start by giving your Form a  Title. By default, "Untitled Form" is populated into this field.

Use the dropdown menu to choose Form Fields to the Form. Since there are no preset fields, each field you create will need to be configured in the same way that you create create a new Custom Field.

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Once you add the field, you can rearrange the order by clicking the icon and dragging it into place. You can delete a field by clicking the red icon.

To configure settings for a field, click the icon.

Pre-Fill Value: If enabled, the value you input into the provided field will be shown by default.

Required: This field will be required to have input and the user will be unable to submit the form until it has been filled out.

Hidden: The field will be hidden from view and the user will be unable to input any data into it.

IMPORTANT: General Forms do not use Custom Fields, so any field you create will be unique to the Form you are creating.

You can use the  Insert Content Blocks dropdown to select an HTML block that you can insert before, after or between fields.

Once added, click the icon to expand the pane and click Edit Content.

A standard editor will appear in which you can add content. Click the <> icon to switch to HTML.

You can add Actions to your Form, which will trigger once the Form has been submitted.

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How do I configure Embedding options for a General Form?

During editing of a Form, you can click the  Link / Embed button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

After you have saved the Form, you can access this screen by clicking on the  Options menu button beside the Form name and selecting Link / Embed.

What you have configured in your Default Form Embed Settings will be applied here. However, you can change these settings individually.

The setting options are identical to the ones in CRM Settings.

CLICK HERE to learn about Form Embed Settings (CRM Settings)

How do I use a General Form?

On the  Link / Embed screen, you will have three options to share your Form.

Direct Link: Simply copy this link and share it where ever you'd like. You can also create a custom Friendly URL; learn more below.

Embed Code: Use this code to embed your Form outside of the platform, such as a page on your website.

Placeholder: Simply click the Placeholder to copy it to your clipboard. You can use this Placeholder in any Portal Page to embed it.

You can also click the ID in the Forms List View to copy the Placeholder.

TIP: The Embed Code is for external use and the Placeholder is for internal use. The Direct Link can be used in either.

If you have your Custom URL configured, you can create a Friendly under URL Alias.

CLICK HERE to learn about Friendly URLs

How do I view submissions for my General Form?

While viewing Forms, click the Options menu button and select Submissions.

Alternatively, you can click the Submissions button while editing the Form, located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

If the submission is by a Contact, you will see their Name and Email listed. For unregistered users, it will show as "N/A". You can also see the precise date and time the Form was submitted.

To view the submissions, just click directly on the row, or click the Options menu button and select View.

IMPORTANT: Any files uploaded to the Form will only be accessible here, and cannot be found in the Files menu.

To manage submissions, click the Options menu button beside the submission you'd like to manage.

View: A modal will appear displaying the submissions.

Download PDF: Download a PDF version of the submission document.

Delete: Remove the submission form the platform. Note: This cannot be undone.

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