CRM: Settings

How do I configure my CRM Settings?

To manage Settings related to CRM, navigate to CRM > Settings.

From here, you can select the section from the vertical menu tabs.

Company First Mode

This is where you can put your account into Company First Mode. This is ideal if you are working with businesses as Clients rather than Individuals.

CLICK HERE to learn about Company First Mode

Company Settings

This is where you will see the settings specifically for companies. Here you will see settings for Circles related to Companies and the Company Match Option that is available in Kickoff forms.

Automatically Create A Circle For Each Company You Create? 

When enabled, this will automatically create a circle for any Company you create. These Circles can then be used to assign various elements in the platform such as Portal Pages, Shared Folders, etc. This also means that as Contacts are added/removed from the Company they will automatically be added/removed from the things that are assigned to that Company via the Circle.

CLICK HERE to learn about Circles

Create A Company Circle For Existing Companies? 

Have you already created Companies before enabling the setting above? No worries, you can press this button to create Circles for all of the Companies already created. 

CLICK HERE to learn about Circles

Company Match Option

Here you will set the percentage threshold for Company Match. This function is enabled in a Kickoff form allowing a Contact to input their Company Name in a text field. The percentage you set here will be the threshold to match how similar a Company name needs to be to assign them to an already existing Company or create a new Company. If you have this set at 75% and a Company name that is placed in the Company Input field that is 75% or more of a match to an already existing Company will be added to that existing Company. If the Company name that is placed in the Company Input field is less than 75% of a match to an existing Company, a new Company will be created.

CLICK HERE to learn about Kickoff Forms

Default Fields

Choose which Default Fields will be visible while creating a new Contact.

CLICK HERE to learn about adding Contacts

Custom Fields

Here you can choose the visibility of the Custom Fields you have created, and mark them as required to be filled out. You can also click and drag each Field to reorder them any way you'd like.

CLICK HERE to learn how to create Custom Fields

Default Form Embed Settings

You can customize how your embedded Forms will look to your Contacts. The Settings here will be the default when creating a new Kickoff, Update or General Form, but can be individually overridden.

CLICK HERE to learn about creating Kickoff Forms

CLICK HERE to learn about creating Update Forms

CLICK HERE to learn about creating General Forms

Choose the colors for your Title, Background, Label, Subtext, and Submit Button. Then choose the text that will appear on your Submit Button. A preview is shown to the right that changes in real-time as you make adjustments.

You can optionally specify the Submit Button to lighten or darken while the cursor hovers over it and change the intensity.

The message that will appear once the form has been submitted is fully-customizable. You can also choose to disable the message and instead redirect your Contact to a custom URL.

Hide form title: Remove the Title of the Form.

Hide required message: This will remove the "Fields with * are required." text that appears by default.

Remove form padding: Remove the horizontal spacing from either side of the fields and field titles.

Make form transparent: Remove the background entirely. This is useful if you are embedding the Form into a page with an image or design in the background.

Remove border from form: Remove the bottom edge and drop shadow.

Hide vertical scroll bar: By default, the Form will be sized to fit the user's screen resolution with a scroll bar if it exceeds it. Removing the scroll bar will make the form 

Add custom CSS: Advanced customization with coding.

CLICK HERE to learn about Custom CSS

Export CSV Permissions

Choose which Roles have permission to export data from Contacts and Companies.

Click each field and choose a Role from the dropdown menu. You can add mulitple Roles per field.