FORMS: General Usage Forms

What is a General Usage Form?

General Usage Forms are the simplest type of form. These forms do not record data into the database, or the profile of any particular Contact or Staff member. The primary function of these forms is to allow you to create a form, that will then collect information, email you when the form has been submitted, and then provide a place for you to view/download those submissions.

TIP: Anyone can fill out a General Usage Form, even if they are not a user within the platform. In this case, it will show up as N/A under "User" in Submissions.

How do I create a General Usage Form?

From the primary menu, look for the menu item that says Forms, and from here you will look for the button that says Create Form.

After you click Create Form, you'll see this dialogue.

From there, you can build the form using the given tools.

How do I use a General Usage Form?

You can customize how the form is linked to or embedded using the Link / Embed option, and you can access a list of all the form submissions from the Submissions option.

If you are embedding the Form into an external location (like your website, for example), use the Embed Code.

If you are embedding the Form within the platform (like a Portal Page), use the Placeholder

You can use this placeholder in any Portal Page and direct the appropriate Contacts to that Portal Page to complete the Form with their responses.

IMPORTANT: To embed the General Usage Form into the Portal Page, you will just paste the Form placeholder directly into the

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