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* Appointments available only for Thrive & Pinnacle plan

Managing your Appointment Types

In order for a Contact to book an Appointment, you must first create an Appointment Type. This is where your Contact will be selecting the available times from.

To manage your Appointment Types, navigate to Calendar > Appointment Types. Here you can create different types of Appointment Types that Clients can choose from to book Appointments.

Click the  +Add Appointment Type and choose a name for your Appointment Type. You may also add a public description, and can customize the success message and button text.

You can choose which Staff Member will be assigned to the booked Events on the Appointment Type, and can optionally select other Staff Members to receive a notification when a booking is created.

You can interact with the Appointment Type through the Options dropdown menu.


Change the information you set for this Appointment Type.

Set Availability

Customize your available schedule here. The settings you choose here will apply only to the selected Appointment Type. By default, the settings you chose for your Default Settings will be auto-generated. Read more about managing your availability below.

Set Inactive

Newly-created Appointment Types will default to Inactive Status, so that you may configure it before going live.  While Inactive, an Appointment Type is hidden and not selectable by Contacts.


Remove the Appointment Type.

IMPORTANT: If you set an Appointment Type as Inactive or Delete it, it will remove all related bookings from My Calendar. This cannot be undone.

Managing your Availability

To set a Default Availability for your Appointment Types, navigate to Calendar > Appointment Types.

To set an Individual Availability for an Appointment Type, navigate to Calendar > Appointment Types, then select Set Availability from the Options dropdown menu.

Daily Availability

Here you can select your availability on a weekly basis.

Each day of the week is shown with a configurable Availability Window. Drag the buttons on either side of the schedule slider to adjust your available time window. Click "Add Availability Window" to add an additional slider. To block availability for the day, simply click the red "X".

Appointment Scheduling Settings

These settings control the duration, padding, intervals & cut-offs related to your Appointment Type. When a Client schedules an Appointment, the Time Slots that they can choose from will be based on the combination of these settings.

Duration of Time Slots

This determines the base duration of each Appointment that is made on this Appointment Type.

Padding between Time Slots

This setting blocks an additional amount of time before and after Appointments, to ensure that bookings cannot be made back-to-back.

Time Slots Interval

This determines the "chunks" that Time Slots will be broken into. These are the Intervals that will be selectable by your Client.


When a Client creates an Appointment, this setting determines the soonest available booking. This is to allow adequate preparation time.

Future Availability > Days

This setting determines how far into the future a Client is able to make an Appointment.

Clicking the Preview button will show you what your Client will see when they create an Appointment. These Time Slots are generated based on appointer's settings. Time Slots that already have Appointments will not show up in the list.

Other Settings

Under Flyout Menu > Settings, you can set custom text to appear on the "Add Appointment" button. This is a Global Setting and will apply to all Appointments and Appointment Types.

You can also set a custom message to appear beside the Add Appointment button.

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