PROJECTS: Overview

What are Projects?

A Project is a plan to achieve a business objective. Whether you are looking to organize an event, build a house, or develop a new product, these are business Projects with an end goal that you can track completion on. For the ongoing example used here, you are a company that is building a house.

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A Project is composed of a series of Tasks. A Task is a step or operation within a Project. If you are building a house, you will need to plan the layout of the building as well as prepare the construction site. These steps go hand-in-hand but are more easily managed as distinct steps. Tasks can be broken down into even smaller Subtasks for more in-depth management. For example, you can set an "Outer Installation" Task; installing roofing, siding, windows, and doors can be considered Subtasks within it.

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Project Phases

Tasks can be grouped into Phases. Phases break up your Projects into more easily tracked segments. For constructing buildings, you can have Phases such as Prep, Construction, Installation, and Finishing. This allows you to focus on each segment at a time.

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Project Generators

Let's say your business regularly builds houses. This is where Project Generators are useful. A Project Generator lets you create a framework for a Project, with auto-generated variables and settings. Instead of having to create a new Project and fill out the same settings each time, you can simply select a Project Generator to generate one.

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Task Templates

On the same token, Task Templates also come in handy for your business especially if you specialize in more than one type of construction. Instead of having to create the same Tasks and Phases over and over, you can create a model that can be applied to new Projects. A Task Template consists of predefined Tasks and Phases, and will also auto-assign users and generate due dates. You can then make modifications to suit each specific Project. You can have a Template for residential houses, one for playgrounds, one for piers, etc.

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Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard is where your Client will go to check its status. Different businesses have different needs when it comes to sharing Project progress with their Clients, so it can be as informative as you would like it to be. You can even enable Client interaction on Project Updates you provide, where they can communicate back and forth with Staff members via comment messages.

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