PROJECTS: Project Generators

What is a Project Generator?

Project Generators are used when you want to generate a preconfigured Project using an Automation or on a Schedule. 

When you set up a Project Generator, you are basically "pre-creating" a Project with customized variables and settings. You will tell the platform how to title the Project, who will be assigned, what information will be visible to your Clients and your Staff, etc. In addition, if you pair a Project Template with a Project Generator, you are designating which Tasks/Phases will be generated inside the Project when the Automation or Schedule is triggered. When triggered, the Project will be automatically be assigned to the correct Client.

You can also create a Scheduled or Recurring Project Generator! More details in the sections below.

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Many businesses have several different 'types' of Projects, and Project Generators let you pre-configure a specific type of Project and automatically generate it whenever needed. Creating a Project Generator is very similar to creating a Project, with a few key differences. Once created, you will be able to select a Project Generator to generate a Project during the onboarding process, as well as with Actions.

TIP: A Project Generator and a Project Template are two different things. A Project Template consists of pre-created Tasks and Phases that are generated inside a Project. In fact, you can select a Project Template while creating your Project Generator.

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How do I create a Project Generator?

To get started, navigate to Projects > Projects.

Click the Generators tab in the top navigation menu bar, and click the +Add Project Generator button.

Name your Project Generator. This is the name of the actual Project Generator for reference, and not what will be generated when applied.

Under Project Name, input the name of the Project that will be generated when applied. It is recommended to use the available Placeholders.

TIP: The Placeholders available for the Project Name field help make sure you will have unique and descriptive Project Names, as they are auto-generated based on the Client.

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Instead of inputting an Estimated Completion Date, you can enter a Relative Estimated Completion Date by entering a number, and selecting either Days or Weeks (though this isn't a required field).

The Estimated Completion Date will be generated based on the day the Project Generator has been triggered.

Another difference from creating a standard Project is that you do not assign a Client. The generated Project will be assigned to the correct Client once the Project Generator is triggered.

How can I create a Recurring or Scheduled Project Generator?

While creating a Project Generator, you'll see an Apply Scheduling Details toggle switch in the Scheduled / Recurring Details section. Toggling this option to ON will allow you to configure customized options for the Project Generator.

For these options, you'll need to specify at least one Client or Circle to assign the Project Generator to.

You'll see a Summary at the bottom of the section detailing your current scheduling configuration.

IMPORTANT: Typically you wouldn't need to assign a Client to a Project Generator, since it is normally applied to a Project to get this information. With Scheduled Options, however, the Project Generator will automatically generate a Project on the specified dates, so at least one Client is required.

Recurring Options

Choose Recurring Options if you would like to generate a Project on a regular basis. Set the Start Date, as well as how often it will recur. You can choose from a number of Days, Weeks, Months, or Years.

You can then choose whether this will be a continual generation with no expiration, it ends on a specific date, or after a set number of occurrences.

On Specific Dates

Choose On Specific Dates if you would like to generate a Project on specific dates, rather than a regular schedule.

Click the date field and choose a date from the Date Picker. You can add as many dates as you'd like.

Custom Field

If you have a Date Custom Field created, you can choose to pull from the date that is supplied in that field.

This way, you can assign multiple Contacts to a Scheduled Project Generator, but with dates that are unique to them.

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Where can I apply a Project Generator?

A Project Generator can be applied during onboarding for Clients, as well as with Actions.

Manually adding a new Contact

Navigate to CRM > Contacts, and click +Add Contact.

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In the Project Generator section, you will be able to choose a Project Generator from the dropdown menu.

TIP: This section will only appear when selecting the Client Role.

Adding to an existing Contact

Navigate to CRM > Contacts. Click the Options menu button of the Contact, and select Apply Project Generator.

Kickoff Form

Navigate to Forms, and click +Add Form. When prompted, choose Kickoff Form.

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The dropdown menu will appear when you select the Role as a Client.

Trigger / Action Automations

In many areas of the platform, you can set an "Apply Project Generator" Action to trigger.

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