Creating Friendly URLs

What is a Friendly URL?

A Friendly URL is the part of a URL that comes after the domain extension in an easy-to-read format. The benefit of a Friendly URL is that it makes navigation easier - and it makes your links look prettier: )

For example, let's say you want to send someone a link to your Kickoff Form. By default, the Form will be assigned a Form ID composed of random values, like "S6o43617tuJibaz". This ID is visible in your link.

To make your link more presentable you can give it a Friendly URL such as "registration". Now instead of the link looking like this:

It can look like this:

Cool huh? You can add Friendly URLs to just about anything on the platform!

How do I create a Friendly URL?

IMPORTANT: "Manage Friendly URL" will only appear in the Flyout Menu once you have your Custom URL & Login configured.

CLICK HERE to learn about Custom URL & Login

To get started, navigate to Flyout Menu > Manage Friendly URL.

Click the  +Create Friendly URL button.

You will be prompted to fill out the following fields.

Name: A name for your reference while viewing the list of Friendly URLs.

Friendly URL: This is the name of the element that will appear in your URL. Only letters, numbers, and hyphens are currently supported.

Alt URL: This is the original URL that you want to give a Friendly URL. You can paste the full link here or you can just use the relative link.

Let's use a Portal Page as an example. Start by Impersonating a Client and navigate to the desired Portal Page.

CLICK HERE to learn about Impersonating

Highlight and copy the URL in your browser's address bar.

Back on the Admin side navigate to Flyout Menu > Manage Friendly URL and click the +Create Friendly URL button.

Paste the URL that you copied into the Alt URL field. Put the name of the Friendly URL you would like to replace the default with into the Friendly URL field, and a name for your reference in the Name field.

To copy the new link to your clipboard just click the name of the Friendly URL under Source.

Now when you paste the URL, you'll see the new Friendly URL in action!

TIP: If this link is accessed outside of the platform and the user is not logged in they will be prompted to log in first. They will then immediately be directed to the URL.

How do I create a Friendly URL for a Form?

While creating a Form you can set a Friendly URL for it. You can do this for any of the three types of Forms.

CLICK HERE to learn about Forms

Navigate to Forms. You can either create a new Form or edit an existing one.

While viewing the Form, click the Link / Embed button at the top of the page.

In the URL Alias section, you can type your desired Friendly URL in the Alias field.

Once you click the Update URL Alias button the new URL will automatically be generated into a new Alias URL field.

This new Friendly URL will automatically appear in the list when you go to Flyout Menu > Manage Friendly URLs.

Managing your Friendly URLs

You can manage your Friendly URL at any time by navigating to Flyout Menu > Friendly URLs and clicking the Options menu button.

Edit: You can change the information in any of the fields you filled out. For Kickoff Forms. You will only be able to change the Name and Friendly URL fields.

Delete: Remove the Friendly URL from the platform. This will only remove the Friendly URL, not anything the URL is related to.