Customize your Login Page

How do I customize my Login Page?

You can customize the Login Page found at your Custom URL. Simply click on your Profile image in the top-right to activate the Fly-Out Menu and select Custom URL & Login.

IMPORTANT: Before you can customize your Login Page you must set up your Custom URL by linking your domain to the platform.

CLICK HERE to learn more about setting up your Custom URL

To access the customization options, you will first need to enter a domain or subdomain. Click the icon to watch a tutorial video on how to set one up.

You will then be able to see the Settings page.

Customizing the Login Area

Choose between Split Login Form or Classic Login Form from the dropdown menu.

Split Login Form Layout

The Split Login Form Layout has two parts. The Login Area is on the left, and the Accent Area is on the right. 

Note that the Accent Area is hidden in smaller mobile devices. 

To get the best results, you should use a version of your logo that fits well in a landscape-proportioned area. The ideal size for uploading is 300px wide and not more than 300px high.

Classic Login Form Layout

The Classic Login Form Layout has a full-screen image in the background with a login form located in the middle of the page.

Colors, Buttons, Logo, Custom CSS

You can customize your background and button colors and your text and button text colors. Upload your company logo that will show on the Login page.

You can also use the toggle to Add custom CSS for additional customization.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Custom CSS

Customize the Background/Accent Area

If you want to upload an image to use instead of a solid color for the background or accent area (depending on which style you choose), you can do this here.

IMPORTANT: Please note that when using the Split Login Form layout only the right half of the image will be visible. In addition, the Accent Area part of the layout will be hidden in some tablets and smaller mobile devices.

For the best results, you should use an image that best relates to the personality or general sense of your business or organization. 

If you don't have an image in mind you can use one of the many royalty-free image repository sites. 

Here are a few:

Customize the App Icon & Favicon

To achieve the best possible effect and complete the White Labeling of your account you should upload a custom App Icon and Favicon.

What is an App Icon?

The App Icon is used as part of the Progressive Web App architecture. It serves as the Icon that shows in the Applications List when a user installs the app on either an iOS or Android device.

CLICK HERE to learn about PWA

What is a Favicon?

A Favicon is the small icon that shows in the tab of most modern browsers when your Custom Login Page is loaded on a device.

Customize Meta Information & Links

Here you can specify additional information and set links associated with your Login page.

Title Tag: The clickable headline that shows up in a search engine

Terms of Service URL: Set your own URL for your Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy URL: Set your own URL for your Privacy Policy.

Contact Self-Registration Link: If you have set up a Kickoff Form, you can link to it here by checking this box and selecting the Form from the dropdown menu.

CLICK HERE to learn more about creating Kickoff Forms

Add Custom Link/Label: Check this box if you would like to add additional text to your Login Page. Custom Label is the text that will show; Custom URL is what it links to.

Remember Me: Choose to enable or disable the ability for users to stay logged in after closing out the portal.

By default, a user says logged in for one day. If the "Remember Me" option is enabled while logging in, the user will stay logged in for 30 days.

IMPORTANT: You should disable this option if your business requires HIPAA compliance.

Magic Login

Enable or disable Magic Link. You can choose how many clicks and for how long each link is valid for. You can also choose to upload your own custom icon for the Magic Login link that will be seen on the Login Page.

CLICK HERE to learn more about setting up a Magic Link Login