Customize your Login Page

Customizing the Login Page

With a PINNACLE plan, you have the option of customizing the Login Page found at your Custom URL.

Where do I go to customize the Login page?

Simply click on your Profile Picture in the top right to activate the Fly-out Menu, and in the Your Branding column, select Custom Domain & Login

What areas of the Login Page can be customized?

The Login Page has two parts, the Login Area on the left, and the Accent Area on the right.

Note that the Accent Area is hidden in smaller mobile devices. 

Customizing the Login Area

Customizing with your Logo

To get the best results, you should use a version of your logo that fits well in a landscape proportioned area. 

The ideal size for uploading is 300px wide and not more than 300px high.

Customizing the Accent Area

The Accent Area provides a place for you to really showcase your style.

Using a custom color in the Accent Area

If you just want to use a custom color in the Accent Area then you should only check the options checkbox titled  Override default background images

You'll then see a Color Picker that you can use to customize the color.

Using your own image in the Accent Area

IMPORTANT: When you upload your image for the Accent Area, only the right side of the image will be visible. Also, it should be noted that the Accent Area part of the layout will be hidden in some tablets and smaller mobile devices.

If you want to upload your own image to be used in the Accent Area, you should check the options checkbox titled Upload background image.

For the best results, you should use an image that best relates the personality or general sense of your business or organization. 

If you don't have an image in mind, you can use one of the many royalty-free image repository sites. 

Here are a few:

Customizing the App Icon & Favicon

To achieve the best possible effect and complete the White Labeling of your account, you should upload a custom App Icon & Favicon

What is an App Icon?

The App Icon is used as part of the Progressive Web App architecture and will serve as the app icon that chose on the wallpaper when a user installs the app on either an iOS or Android device.

What is a Favicon?

A favicon is the small icon that shows in the tab of most modern browsers when your custom Login Page is loaded on a device.

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