Project Notification Settings

How do I configure my Project Notification Settings?

Navigate to Projects > Settings, and click Notification Preferences in the left vertical sidebar menu.

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You can either configure your personal Notification Settings or you can configure the settings for all Users in the platform.

How do I modify my personal Project Notification Settings?

To modify your own settings, set your desired preferences on the page you have navigated to.

From this menu, you can adjust your individual email notification settings related to your assigned Projects and Tasks. Every user in your platform environment will have these notification settings and can customize them individually.

Digest and Outlook emails are automated scheduled emails that will give you a brief overview of the movement and actions inside your Projects and Tasks. You can figure these notifications to be sent daily or weekly.

Digest Emails: An overview of occurrences that have already happened. You will be able to select which types of occurrences if enabled.

Outlook Emails: An overview of upcoming Project and Task due dates.

Select Update All Settings to save.

How do I modify Project Notification Settings for all Users?

You can also modify the Project Notification Settings for other users in the platform, based on each individual Role.

At the bottom of the page, click Update Staff/Contacts Settings. A modal will appear in which you can select a Role from the dropdown menu.

By default, the new settings will only be applied to new users and will not be retroactively applied.

If you enable  Override existing settings, the new settings will be applied to all users with the specified Role. 

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