PROJECTS: Project Settings

You can adjust various notification settings related to Projects and Tasks by navigating to Projects-->Projects, then to the Settings tab.

Notification Settings

From this menu you can adjust your individual email notification settings related to your assigned Projects and Tasks. Every user in your SuiteDash environment will have these notification settings, and they can adjust them for themselves as needed.

In addition to the standard automatic emails (for actions like being assigned to a new Task, new messages in a Project, etc) you also have settings for "Digest" and "Outlook" emails. These are automated scheduled emails (usually daily or weekly) that will give you a brief overview of the movement and actions inside your Projects and Tasks. Digest emails will be related to actions that have already happened (Tasks that were completed, messages posted in Projects, etc), whereas the Outlook emails will list out upcoming Project and Task due dates.

General Settings

This section of Project Settings is only visible to the Master Account and Admins, and is where some additional notification settings exist, along with a setting for default Project currency (which will apply to any new Project you create after you change the setting).

The Project Reminder settings that are listed here control automated email notifications that send to all assigned internal users when a Project approaches (and passes) it's "Estimated Completion Date" without being completed. A Project is considered being "complete" if it is changed to Completed status, if all of the Tasks inside the Project are marked as Completed (or deleted), or if the Project is archived (or deleted).

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