BILLING: Recurring Profiles

What is a Recurring Profile?

Recurring Profiles allow you to continuously generate Invoices on a schedule and frequency that you specify. These Profiles are useful for Clients who are willing to make recurring payments, but do not want their credit card automatically charged.

Note: A Recurring Profile is not the same as a Subscription Payment. A Recurring Profile continuously generates the Invoice itself for the Client to manually pay.

Creating a Recurring Profile

To get started, navigate to Billing > Invoice > Recurring Profiles tab.

Click the +Add Recurring Profile button. Creating a Recurring Profile is very similar to creating an Invoice, with a few differences.

CLICK HERE to learn more about creating Invoices

Create New Invoice As

This is what the Invoices that the Recurring Profile produce will be generated as. You can choose Open or Draft from the dropdown menu.

Trigger Creation from Profile Every

You can customize how often the Profile will trigger. The intervals you can choose from are Days, Weeks, Months and Years.

First Creation Date

Set when you would like the first Invoice to be created.

Relative Due Date

Upon generation of an Invoice, set how many days the Client has until payment is due.

You can choose to send a notification to your Client any time this Recurring Profile generates an Invoice.

What happens next?

You can click on the Options dropdown menu with several ways to interact with the Recurring Profile.


Change any information within the Recurring Profile.


This will stop the generation of new Invoices. You can choose to Resume it any time.


This will remove the Recurring Profile from the platform. This action cannot be undone. It is recommended to archive Recurring Profiles for record-keeping.


Make the Recurring Profile Inactive. It will be relocated to Billing > Payments > Archive tab. From here, you can choose to View, Restore, or Delete.

Each new generated Invoice will be visible to the Client in their Portal under Billing > Invoices. They will be able to able to view and pay it, just like a normal Invoice.

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