BILLING: Recurring Profiles

What is a Recurring Profile?

A Recurring Profile allows you to continuously generate Invoices on a schedule and frequency that you specify. These Profiles are useful for Clients who are willing to make recurring payments, but do not want their credit card automatically charged.

IMPORTANT: A Recurring Profile is not the same as a Subscription Payment. A Recurring Profile continuously generates the Invoice itself for the Client to manually pay.

How do I Create a Recurring Profile?

To get started, navigate to Billing > Invoice.

From here, hover your cursor over the Profiles tab in the top navigation bar, and select Recurring Profiles from the dropdown.

Click the +Add Recurring Profile button. Creating a Recurring Profile is very similar to creating an Invoice, with a few differences.

CLICK HERE to learn more about creating Invoices

Create New Invoice As: This is what the Invoices that the Recurring Profile produce will be generated as. You can choose Open or Draft from the dropdown menu.

Trigger Creation from Profile Every: You can customize how often the Profile will trigger. The intervals you can choose from are Days, Weeks, Months and Years.

First Creation Date: Set when you would like the first Invoice to be created.

Relative Due Date: Upon generation of an Invoice, set how many days the Client has until payment is due.

You can choose to send a notification to your Client any time this Recurring Profile generates an Invoice.

How do I manage a Recurring Profile?

While in the Recurring Profile List View, you can click the Options dropdown menu to interact with it.

Edit: Change any information within the Recurring Profile.

Pause: This will stop the generation of new Invoices. You can choose to Resume it any time.

Delete: This will remove the Recurring Profile from the platform. This action cannot be undone. It is recommended to archive Recurring Profiles for record-keeping.

Archive: Make the Recurring Profile Inactive. It will be relocated to Billing > Payments > Archive tab. From here, you can choose to View, Restore, or Delete.

Each new generated Invoice will be visible to the Client in their Portal under Billing > Invoices. They will be able to able to view and pay it, just like a normal Invoice.

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