An Accumulating Profile is for situations when you want to bill client on a regular schedule (such as every month), but the amount of the bill may not be the same every time. You can think of an Accumulating Profile as keeping a “running tab” for your client, and you “close out” that tab at regular intervals, to start anew. 

For example, a web design company, XYZ Designs, has a client, Bob. Bob has a website that is maintained by XYZ Designs. This means that XYZ Designs does periodic backups, updates product listings on Bob’s online store, and other general maintenance. Some months may be busier than others on Bob’s site. As a result, XYZ Designs wants to invoice Bob for a different amount each month, while still keeping a recurring monthly billing cycle. Some months they may charge Bob $100, other months might be $500, and other months might be $2000. 

With Accumulating Profiles, XYZ Designs can create one “Profile” for Bob, and simply add different charges to the Profile as they come up.

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