FORMS: Form Field Types

What are Form Field Types?

Each Field in a Form has a particular style - it can be an empty field that you are required to type in, a dropdown menu with various selections, checkboxes, etc.

Which Field Type you specify will determine not only how it will appear to the Target (the user filling out the form), but how they enter the requested data.

For Kickoff Forms and Update Forms, Fields are created as Custom Fields. These are special fields that can be used throughout the platform and are not limited to just Forms.

CLICK HERE to learn about Custom Fields

For General Forms, fields are created as Form Fields.

CLICK HERE to learn about General Forms

What does each Field Type mean?

Form Fields and Custom Fields will display on a Form differently depending on which Type is selected during creation.

Both variations can be created on the fly during the creation of the Form. Custom Fields can additionally be created in Flyout Menu > Custom Fields.

Single-line Text Area: A single line, intended for responses with a single or just a few words or numbers

Multi-line Text Area: A "box" field intended for sentences, bullet points, etc.

Email: This field will only accept input in an email format

Checkbox: A single checkbox prompting a yes/no response

Date: Clicking this field will show a date picker, in which you can select the date.

Dropdown: Clicking this field will open a dropdown menu. You can also enable Multi-selection for this field.

Multiple Choice: Presents a selection of choices each with a check box. You can also enable Multi-selection for this field (as shown).

File Upload: This allows the uploading of a file either by dragging it into the perforated space, or clicking Select Files to open the File Explorer. You can enable the ability to upload multiple files.

URL: This field will only accept input in a URL format

Number: This field will only accept numeric values

Name Prefix: Clicking this field will open a dropdown menu with default name prefix selections. The options available are Mr. Ms. Mrs. Miss Mx. Dr. Prof. Rev.

This Field Type is exclusive to General Forms, as Name Prefix is already a default field in Kickoff & Update Forms. You can modify or delete its default options.