FORMS: Form Templates

What is a Form Template?

A Form Template is a starting "base" of a Form that you can use to create a new Form and then adjust the settings as needed. All Fields, Styling, Custom Fields, and Conditional Logic are created and saved when using Form Templates.

How do I create a Form Template?

To create a Form Template you will need to navigate to Forms and click on the Templates tab. 

From there you will want to click "+ Create Template" and select which Form Type you would like to create.

Kickoff Forms

If you want to "kickoff" automations when a Contact self-registers into the Portal, a Kickoff Form serves that purpose. This type of Form is designed for potential Contacts who have not yet registered into the Portal, but it can also be used for existing Contacts to update their information or trigger new assignments. Typically, you would embed one onto a page of your own website or provide a link. The user fills out the Form which automatically enters them as a Contact in the Platform.

Kickoff Forms require setting up exactly how you would like your Contacts to be registered, so it is necessary to choose a Role and Coordinator. There are many optional features you can set, such as adding them to a Circle, applying various types of Generators, assigning an On-Boarding FLOW, and more. You even set up Paid Portal Access, which will require payment from your Contact to access the Portal.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Kickoff Forms

Update Forms

If you need a Form that changes a registered Contact's information, you can use an Update Form. This type of Form will update the registered data of each Contact who fills it out, so it can only be used within the Platform. Basically, if you want to permit your Contact to update the information found in their CRM Dashboard (or add new information) this is the Form you'll need.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Update Forms

General Forms

Sometimes you want a form that isn't tied down to anything. A General Form is a basic, multipurpose Form that does not record data into the database. It's designed for you to collect information and view it. So, they can be used for anything. This type of Form can be used internally or externally but stores the results inside of the platform for your convenience.

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"Specialty Type" Form

A General Usage Form has a special Specialty Type option, allowing you to use the Form for a specific purpose. Currently, you can use a Marketing Audience Specialty Type Form, which allows you to add users to an Email Marketing Audience. The users don't even need to be associated with your platform! This way you can send out newsletters, product updates, event invitations, etc.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Specialty Forms

After selecting your Form Type the steps to create the actual Form can be found by clicking on the "Click Here" button for your specific Form Type.

How do I create a Form Template from a Form I have already created?

To create a Form Template from a Form you have already created, you will need to navigate to Forms, click on the 3 dots to open the Options menu, and then select "Save as Template".

You will then be prompted to enter a title for your Form Template.

How do I use a Form Template?

While creating a Form using the same Form Type as your Form Template, you can click a tab located on the right side of the screen to Load Template.

You will then select the Form Template you wish to apply to this new Form and the appropriate option for current fields and then click "Use Template" to apply your Form Template.

Keep current form fields: This option will keep any fields you currently have added to the Form and add any new fields that are included with the template.

Reset current form fields: This option will remove all fields you currently have added to the Form and replace them with the fields that are included with the template.