BILLING: Adding Timers to Invoices

To manage an existing Timer, simply navigate to Projects > Timers, and use the "Options" dropdown box to select the desired action. Once a Timer has been completed, and is no longer actively counting, the completed Timer can be added to an invoice. To accomplish this, first navigate to Projects > Timers and locate the desired completed Timer. From there, select “Invoice” from the Options dropdown box next to the desired Timer.

Once this is selected, a separate overlay window will appear with a few dropdown boxes to select from.

You will have the option to add the Timer to a new Invoice, an existing Invoice, a new Accumulating Profile, or an existing Accumulating Profile. If either of the “existing” options are chosen, and second dropdown box will appear, in which you can select your desired existing Invoice or Accumulating Profile. It is important to note that if you choose to add a Timer to an existing Invoice or Accumulating Profile, the second dropdown box will only be populated with existing Invoices/Profiles that are related to the same client who is related to the Project/Task that the Timer is associated with.

When the desired option is chosen, simply click the “Invoice” button to continue. You will then be redirected to the Billing page, with the new or existing Invoice/Profile open, and the Timer will already be added as an item.

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