What is a Timer?

A Timer is a mechanism to keep track of how much time a user is spending on a particular Task or Project.

You can set a Timer to record automatically, or you can enter the time manually. When used automatically, it is essentially a stopwatch in which you start and stop when needed.

A Timer then can be transferred into an Invoice in the form of “billable hours”, and your Client can be automatically billed for the time you spent.

How do I create a Timer?

Navigate to Projects > Projects.

Then, click Timers in the top navigation menu bar.

Click the +Add Timer button.

A modal will appear in which you can fill out the details for the Timer.

Timer Type: Choose whether you would like the Timer to automatically track the time, or if you would like to manually enter an amount in hours and minutes.

If "Standard Timer" is selected, the Timer will begin once it is added and will continue until it is either Paused or Completed.

Title: This name will be visible when added to an Invoice.

Hourly Rate: The Rate you would like to charge per hour for this Timer. It will be used to calculate the total amount once the Timer is completed.

Related Item: Assign the Timer to a particular Project and/or Task.

How do I manage an existing Timer?

In your Timers list, click the Options dropdown menu for a Timer that you would like to manage.

The options available will depend on the status of the Timer. You can confirm the Status of a Timer by referencing the Status column.

NOTE: All "Manual Entry" Timers are created in Complete Status.

View: Click this option to view a modal of the Timer. If active, it will be counting in real-time.

Pause: If the Timer is currently in "Counting" status, you will have the ability to temporarily pause it.

Resume: If the Timer is currently in "Paused" status, you will have the ability to resume it.

Complete: Convert either a "Counting" or "Paused" Timer to a finished state. This is required in order to add the Timer to an Invoice.

Invoice: Add a Completed Timer to a new or Existing Invoice or Accumulating Profile.

CLICK HERE to learn about adding Timers to Invoices

Delete: Remove the Timer from the platform. This option is not available for Timers in "Billed" status.

Notes: Add a Note to the Timer. This Note will automatically populate in Description field for the Timer Item on the Invoice.

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