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What is a Timer?

A Timer is a mechanism to keep track of how much time has passed. This can then be converted into an Invoice in the form of "billable hours".

It can be used to keep track of time spent on a particular Task or Project, working with a Client, or just as a "free" Timer with no assignments.

You can set a Timer to record automatically, or you can enter the time manually. When used automatically, it is essentially a stopwatch in which you start and stop when needed.

Timers can be added to new or existing Invoices and Accumulating Generators.

How do I create a Timer?

Navigate to Projects > Projects. (Timers are no longer restricted to Projects and Tasks, and will be relocated outside of the Projects module soon).

Then, click Timers in the top navigation menu bar.

Click the +Add Timer button.

A modal will appear in which you can fill out the details for the Timer.

You first need to choose your  Timer Type. If Standard Timer is selected, the Timer will begin counting once it is added and will continue to count until it is either Paused or Completed.

Title: This name will be also be visible when added to an Invoice.

Hourly Rate: The Rate you would like to charge per hour for this Timer. It will be used to calculate the total amount once the Timer is completed.

Notes: Any additional Notes you would like to include, which will be included as the Invoice Description when converted into an Invoice.

If Manual Time Entry is selected, you will be able to input the Date, Hours and Minutes of the Timer. It will be added in Completed status and cannot be edited.

By default, the Timer you create will be "free" and not assigned to any particular Client, Project, or Task.

If you would like to assign the Timer, click the Assign Timer button.

When you select a resource (Client, Project, or Task), you'll be prompted to select a specific Client, Project or Task from a dropdown menu.

When you convert the Timer to an Invoice, the available options will be filtered by which resource you assign.

You can also click the Unassign Timer button at any time while editing the Timer, if you decide not to restrict it to a particular resource.

More information on converting a Timer in the sections below.

TIP: You can assign or unassign a Timer at any time while editing.

How do I manage an existing Timer?

In your Timers list, click the Options menu button for a Timer that you would like to manage.

The options available will depend on the status of the Timer. You can confirm the Status of a Timer by referencing the Status column.

NOTE: All "Manual Entry" Timers are created in Complete Status.

View: Click this option to view a modal of the Timer. If active, it will be counting in real-time.

Pause: If the Timer is currently in "Counting" status, you will have the ability to temporarily pause it.

Resume: If the Timer is currently in "Paused" status, you will have the ability to resume it.

Complete: Convert either a "Counting" or "Paused" Timer to a finished state. This is required in order to add the Timer to an Invoice.

Invoice: Add a Completed Timer to a new or Existing Invoice or Accumulating Generator.

CLICK HERE to learn about adding Timers to Invoices

Delete: Remove the Timer from the platform. This option is not available for Timers in "Billed" status.

Notes: Add a Note to the Timer. This Note will automatically populate in Description field for the Timer Item on the Invoice.

How do I add a Timer to an Invoice?

Once you are ready to convert your Timer, you'll need to ensure that it is "Completed" status (it cannot be in "Counting" or "Paused" status).

In the Timers list, click the Options menu button and select Invoice.

You'll need to select what type of Invoice or Accumulating Generator to add the Invoice to.

If you choose to add the Timer to an existing Invoice or Accumulating Generator, a second dropdown menu will appear in which you can select the desired one. Your options will be filtered depending on which assignment you chose for the Timer (or lack thereof).'

Any Notes you currently have on the Timer will also be displayed here, giving you a chance to make any edits before converting the Timer.

CLICK HERE to learn about Invoices

The name of your Timer will appear as the Invoice Item Name in the Invoice, and anything you included in the Notes field will appear as the Invoice Item Description.

The Quantity field will be populated with the number of hours, and the Rate field will be what you specified to charge for each hour.

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