BILLING: Recurring Payments

What are Recurring Payments?

Use these options to add recurring subscription plans to your Invoices.

Recurring Payments work by adding Recurring Plans to an Invoice. When a Client pays an Invoice that contains a Recurring Plan Item, a "subscription" style payment is created, and thereafter, the Client's credit card is auto-charged based on the amount & time period you assigned to that Recurring Plan.

One of the great things about SuiteDash is that you can issue an Invoice to a Client that contains both static One-Time Items and Recurring Payments Items. For example, in the website design business, maybe you include one item of the invoice for the actual website Design Fee (one-time). In addition, you include another item that is for the Annual Hosting Fee (Recurring Payment). The Client then pays that Invoice with a credit card via the Client Portal, and as a result, you'll immediately receive the one-time Design Fee, but also the Recurring Payment would be setup to auto-charge them based on the programmed amount & schedule.

MUST READ: To use the Recurring Payments functionality, you will need to have either Stripe or Braintree configured as one of your Payment Gateways. See here for more info on Setting up Payment Gateways

Setting up your Plans

Stripe, Braintree and can be used for Recurring Plans, but there is one important difference between how they can be used.

Stripe plans CAN be created and then used, all from within the SuiteDash platform. plans CAN be created and then used, all from within the SuiteDash platform.

Braintree plans CANNOT be created from inside SuiteDash. (this is a limitation of the Braintree API... we wish they would change it too!) They should be first created from inside your Braintree dashboard, and from that point, SuiteDash can import and use those plans. If you're using Braintree, you will need to create the Plans from their interface (logged into Braintree), and after you create the Plan in Braintree, SuiteDash will read and pull that Plan information via API, after which the Plan will be listed in your available Plans within SuiteDash.

Navigate to the Plans tab of the Billing module, and click Add Plan.

You will see a list of the available Recurring Plans in your PLANS tab.

Using Stripe

After you've setup your Stripe Gateway, you can begin adding Recurring Plans to be used in your Invoices.

Simply click the “Add New Plan” button. This will bring up a dialog box where you can enter all the necessary information.

When creating a new plan, the required fields are Name, Price (with Currency), and Billing Cycle frequency. Additionally, you have the option to set a Trial Period for the plan.

When the plan details are filled out the way you want, just click “Save” to save and add the plan to the current Invoice. After the Plans are saved, they are available to be used in Invoices as needed.

Using Braintree

If you are using Braintree, you can't create new Recurring Plans from inside SuiteDash, but rather you'll need to create the Plans from inside your Braintree dashboard. After the Plans are created in your Braintree dashboard, SuiteDash will be able to automatically read them, display them as options, and you can assign them to Invoices as needed.

Setting up Payment Gateways

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