BILLING: Estimates

What is an Estimate?

An Estimate is basically a preliminary Invoice. You send your Contact an Estimate for approval. If they accept, you can automatically convert it into an Invoice.

How do I create an Estimate?

To get started, navigate to Billing > Estimates. Click the +Add Estimate button.

Fill out the fields to to produce your Estimate.

Assign User(s): Choose the Contact who will be sent the Estimate for approval. You can select multiple Contacts; a unique Estimate will be generated for each.

You can duplicate the Estimate for multiple Contacts. If the checkbox is checked, you will be prompted to assign the Estimate to a Circle in addition to the User(s) you have selected. Like individual users, you can select multiple Circles.

Title: A name for the Estimate; the Contact WILL be able to see this title.

Valid Until: The final date that the Estimate can still be approved. The Estimate will expire the following day.

TIP: If the Estimate is not approved by the Valid To date it will expire. To resend your expired Estimate, you must first update the "Valid To" date.

Internal Notes cannot be seen by the Contact, and is for Staff reference only.

You can add the Items to be billed, as well as apply Discounts or Taxes. Select pre-made components from the respective dropdown menus, or you can create new ones to add by clicking the +Add New buttons.

A Summary module will update in real-time as you make your selections.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Items, Discounts and Taxes

Currency: Choose the Currency your Estimate will appear in.

Allow Partial Payment: Will allow a partial payment on the converted Invoice.

Available Gateway(s): You can select multiple Gateways that you have created. A Gateway is required for the Contact to pay via credit card.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Payment Gateways

Custom Fields: Any Invoice Custom Fields you create will show here. Check the box to include the field on the Invoice.

CLICK HERE to learn about Invoice Custom Fields

The Estimate Number will be auto-generated in the field, or you can rename it to anything you'd like.

You can send an email notification to the Contact when the Estimate is saved in Open status, and when the Invoice has been generated.

You can also choose to automatically generate the Invoice once the Estimate is approved. If unchecked, an approved Estimate will need to manually be converted into an Invoice.

You can fill in Terms & Conditions and any additional Notes that will be visible to your Contact on the Estimate.

If you have entered text for these areas in the Estimate Settings, they will auto fill here.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Estimate Settings

Once you are finished creating your Estimate, you can either Save as Open or Save as Draft.

Saving the Estimate as Open will make it active; it will appear under Billing > Estimates for the Contact(s) that it has been assigned to. Saving it as a Draft will save the creation process but will not be visible to the Contact yet.

Can I further customize my Estimate?

Yes! You can add your logo, add a default prefix and other customizations to your Estimate.

CLICK HERE for more information on Estimate Settings

What happens next?

Your Contact will be able to access the Estimate by navigating to Billing > Estimates.

They can then View the Estimate by clicking on the name of the Estimate. Alternatively, they can use the Options dropdown menu to interact with the Estimate.

If they would like to approve it, they can click the Approve button located at the top left-hand corner.

Once approved, the Estimate will be available to convert into an Invoice (or will automatically be converted into an Invoice if specified).

Once converted, it will be listed under Billing > Invoice for both the Admin side and the Contact. The Contact will then have the option to make a payment, just like any other Invoice.

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