CRM: Events

What is an Event?

An Event is essentially a preset scheduled reminder. Creating Events is a great way to keep track of meetings, presentations, or any planned affair related to your business.

Currently, Events can be created for individual Contacts.

How do I Schedule an Event?

Navigate to CRM > Contacts.

Find the Contact you would like to add an Event for. Then in their respective Options dropdown menu, select Add Event.

Choose a description for the Event. It is suggested to keep the Event name short, so that it will appear correctly in My Calendar.

Public: Can be viewed by any Staff Member

Private: Can only be viewed by you (the creator of the Event)

Shared With: Can only be viewed by you and the Staff Member(s) of your choice. When selecting this option, you can choose to alert the selected user(s) via email.

Choose the Date and Time of the Event. You can then optionally specify a Duration, Category and Description. You can also toggle whether or not this Event will appear on the Contact's My Calendar.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Content Categories

How Events appear on My Calendar

Once you've set an Event, you can navigate to Calendar > My Calendar to view it.

Events will show in green. If you have specified a Category, it will show in addition to the Event name.

You can click on an Event to view the details. You can also click Edit to modify any of the fields.

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