CRM: Events

What is an Event?

An Event is essentially a preset scheduled reminder. Creating Events is a great way to keep track of meetings, presentations, or any planned affair related to your business.

IMPORTANT: Events can only be assigned to individual Contacts.

How do I create an Event?

Navigate to CRM > Events, and click the +Add Event button.

You can then fill out the fields to create the Event.

TIP: It is suggested to keep the Event name short, so that it will appear correctly in My Calendar.

Contact: Select a Contact from the dropdown menu.

Assignee: Choose from the available list of Staff Members to assign the Event to.

Event: Choose a title for the Event. This will be visible to Staff only, as Contacts cannot view their associated Events.

Visible: Choose Public (visible by any Staff Member), Private (can only be viewed by the creator of the Event), or Shared With (you can choose which Staff Members can view the Event)

Date / Time: Choose the date and time for the Event. Please note that this time is based on the Time Zone of the creator of the Event.

Duration: Select the duration of the Event, in intervals of 15 minutes with a maximum duration of 12 hours.

Category: Designate a Category to the Event.

CLICK HERE to learn about Content Categories

Description: You can input more details or any notes you would like here.

If you enable Show this Event on the Contact's Calendar, the assigned Contact will be able to see the Event when they log into the platform and view their calendar. They will also be sent a notification email informing them of a new Event assigned to them. You can configure this email in Email Templates.

CLICK HERE to learn about Email Templates

How do Events appear in My Calendar?

Once you've set an Event, you can navigate to Calendar > My Calendar to view it.

Events will show in green. If you have specified a Category, it will show in addition to the Event name.

You can click on an Event to view the details. You can also click Edit to modify any of the fields.

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