MARKETING: Creating Audiences

What is an Audience?

An Audience is a collection of names and emails that your Email Campaigns will be sent to. You can add these Contacts manually, import them from a CRM or CSV file, or you can have them added automatically either by automation functionality or self-subscription.

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How do I create an Audience?

Navigate to Marketing > Audiences, and click the +Add New Audience button.

Give the Audience a Name. This is for your reference only; no recipients will see this name.

Once the Audience has been created, click the Options menu button (3 dots) and select View.

Here you can see an overview of the Audience. A filled line graph gives you a visual on the number of Subscribers you have accumulated throughout the year. You can view different years through the Selected Year dropdown menu.

You can quickly edit the Name of your Audience by clicking the Edit button at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The top navigation bar gives you several options for adding Subscribers to your Audience.

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Create a Circle

While creating a Circle you will see a check box with an option to Create & Sync an Associated Marketing Audience.

By checking the box you will automatically create an Audience. When Contacts are added/removed to or from this Circle those changes will be automatically reflected in the Marketing Audience as well. If you set the Circle as Inactive the Marketing Audience will be removed.

Keep in mind that the standard method of adding & removing Subscribers to & from an Audience will not be available on the Marketing side - the members of the Audience are automatically kept in sync with the members of the Circle. This is why you can't make manual changes to the Audience. If a Subscriber unsubscribes from the Audience, they will still remain in the Circle, but won't receive any further Messages sent to that Audience.

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Add Subscribers Form

Use this form to manually add the Subscriber emails (or both names and emails) via a simple text field. Choose either Name & Email or Only Email from the dropdown menu, then input the names accordingly. In both cases, each Subscriber's information should be on a separate line. In the case of Name & Email, separate them with a comma as shown below.

CSV Import

If you would like to bulk import Subscribers from outside of the platform, you can do so by formatting them into a CSV file. You can create a CSV file using Google Sheets, OpenOffice, or any similar spreadsheet program. Format the CSV to the method you would like to to Import the Subscribers. Download the example files below:


Import from CRM

You can add existing Contacts from the platform to the Audience. This will bring you to a table of all of your existing Contacts. You can then use the checkboxes to select whom you would like to import. Use the dropdown menu to choose whether you are importing the selected Contacts if you are importing all of them.

Import Staff

You can add Staff Members to your Audiences too! This will bring you to a screen similar to Contact selection, in which you can use the checkboxes to select whom you would like to import.

Export All Subscribers

Clicking this option will download a CSV file containing all of the Subscribers from the Audience. It is formatted in the same way as for importing, so you can directly import this CSV into another Audience if desired.

Drip Sequence

Setting up a Drip Sequence allows you to send multiple messages automatically to new Audience Subscribers on a predetermined schedule. You will be directed to a dashboard in which you can manage the Drip Sequence for this Audience, or create a new one by clicking the +Drip Sequence button.

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How do I Unsubscribe a user from an Audience?

To manage the Subscribers from an Audience, navigate to Marketing > Audiences and click the Audience you would like to manage. You can then click the Options menu button (3 dots) to either Unsubscribe them from the Audience or Delete them from the Audience entirely.