CRM: Circles

What is a Circle?

A Circle is a grouping of Clients and Prospects. Using Circles makes bulk assigning resources like Portal Pages and Files to multiple Clients/Prospects easier, as you can assign resources directly to a Circle, and any users inside that Circle will automatically gain access to any of those resources.

IMPORTANT: Users within a Circle cannot see or interact with each other. It is only a method of organization for the admin side of the platform.

How do I create a Circle?

Navigate to  CRM > Circles.

From here, you can create a new Circle by clicking the +Add Circle button.

This will bring up a window with several fields. Name the Circle, Assign users from the dropdown menu, and choose a color for the Circle icon with the Color Picker. You can optionally add a description, and specify that all newly-created Clients and/or Prospects are automatically added to this Circle.

Use the Options menu button to make modifications to each Circle.

Manage Circle: This will bring you to an in-depth view of the Contacts included in the Circle. The column to the left is a list of all Clients and Prospects in your database. You can click and drag the Contact to the pane on the right to add them to the Circle. You can also filter the list by Clients or Prospects, sort the list by Name, Role or Status, and search for a name in the search bar. 

Edit: Allows you to change all of the information you specified during creation, with the exception of the Contacts.

Set Inactive: Will make the Circle unselectable during assignment.

Delete: Delete the Circle. Any changes made to a Circle will NOT affect each individual Contact.

To remove a Contact from the Circle, click the icon beside their name.

You can also Bulk Assign / Unassign Circles. Click this button to enter into a quick select/deselect mode.

While on this screen, you can simply click the Contacts you would like to assign to the Circle to "highlight" them in green, or to "deselect" them in gray.

By default, the Contacts assigned to the Circle will appear at the top of the list. You can use the Sort by options to sort the Contacts by Name, Role, or Status.

Company Circles

In your Settings, you can specify that every Company you create will automatically create a Circle. Any time you update the users within the Company, the changes will also be reflected in the Circle. This is especially useful in Company First Mode.

IMPORTANT: Company Circles do NOT show up in the CRM > Circles list. Instead, they will appear on the Contact's CRM Dashboard as well as applicable dropdown menus.

To enable this, navigate to CRM > Settings, and click Company Settings in the side bar menu.

Click the toggle to ON to enable auto-creation of a Circle from a Company.

You can also retroactively apply this setting to your existing Companies.

CLICK HERE to learn about Company First Mode

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