MARKETING: Email Marketing

Marketing allows you to create, manage, and schedule email campaigns right inside their SuiteDash installation. You can easily build templates for multiple uses, or build a new campaign from scratch, using the built-in powerful WYSIWYG Visual Editor or our Advanced Code Editor . 

After you have the email looking exactly how you want it, you can create and manage Lists, which allows you to save subscriber names and email addresses for use when sending campaigns. Additionally, you can choose to import existing users from your installation (both from Contacts and your master Users list) into Lists for use within Email Marketing. 

When you have the campaign designed, and the list of who to send to created, you can simply schedule when you want the campaign to send, and save it. The system will take care of the rest, automatically sending the campaign at the scheduled date/time, and you will be able to see a report of successful receipts after sending.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to send emails via the Marketing functionality, you will first need to setup email sending credentials from the settings at Marketing > Email Sending Settings. You have the option to enter 3rd party SMTP credentials, or optionally you can request a dedicated sending IP address from our team, for an additional fee. 

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