Sending Emails to your Leads, Prospects, and Clients

Email Marketing is an essential aspect of your business. You can create, manage, and schedule newsletters, nurture campaigns, or any type of email that is sent out to your Contacts right from within the platform.

Email Sending Settings

First thing's first - you'll need to configure your Send Email Settings in order to send Campaigns or Drip Sequences from within the Marketing menu. You can use SMTP with a 3rd party email sending service or request a dedicated IP address from the platform.

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In order to send out your'll need someone to send them to! Audiences are collections of names and emails for use in sending Email Campaigns. Build them from scratch, or import them from your CRM or a CSV file. You will then be able to set up Drip Sequences to send multiple emails to new Audience subscribers, or a predetermined schedule that you set.

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Email Campaigns

An Email Campaign is a structured email that you design, and then schedule to send to certain subscribers/users in your platform. Email Campaigns can be as simple as complex as you'd like. They can be sent immediately or be set to send after a certain amount of time.

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Campaign Templates

Don't want to build similar Email Campaigns from scratch every time? You can create a  Campaign Template to start from instead. This Template is the framework for your Email - so you just apply the Template and make any edits you need.

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Drip Sequence

Drip Sequences are messages that are automatically sent to a Contact after they subscribe to your Audience. You can create several emails to go out in a cycle in a sequence. Drip Sequences help you automate Campaigns and manage one-on-one communication with your recipients.

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