Email Branding

What is Email Branding?

Email Branding is the customization of email notifications that come from your platform. This includes things like the Portal Access Invitation Email, a file upload notification, an overdue Invoice alert, etc.

You can use these settings to fully customize the email notifications that your users see. You can set the sender name and sender email address, as well as change the colors and upload your company's logo.

It is very important to set up your Email Branding in order to fully white-label your account, as well as ensure that your email notifications do not end up in a Spam inbox.

If you want to customize the content that appears in the notification emails, you can do this in Email Templates.

CLICK HERE to learn about Email Templates

CLICK HERE to learn about Portal Access Invitation

How do I customize my Email Branding?

Navigate to Flyout Menu > Email Branding.

From Name / Company Name

Add the From Name and Company Name for your emails.

From Name: This is what will show in the "From" area of the email notification. What you designate here will be inserted dynamically into the [From-Name] Placeholders that can be found in Email Templates.

Company Name: This will be inserted dynamically into the [Subject-Company] Placeholders that can be found in Email Templates.

CLICK HERE to learn about Email Templates

Choose your Email Sending Method

When you FIRST start an account you will have a default Sending Method already configured. 

Emails will be sent from the Organization Name of your account, from the email address ""

You are able to change the global Send From Name as well as the Company Name that will be used in related Placeholders.

CLICK HERE to learn about Placeholders

Use SMTP to send emails

Setting up SMTP will enable the platform to send outgoing notification emails via your email account.

Currently active for Marketing Emails is enabled by default.

Enter your Host information, including Login / Email, Password, Port, and Encryption. Toggle the Ignore SSL warnings to turn on or off. Click Save

CLICK HERE to learn about how to set up SMTP

Domain Verified Sending Method

You can have the platform send emails on your behalf for an email address based on a domain name that you own.

Complete the Domain Verified Sending process by entering your Domain Name.

Click Save Domain.

CLICK HERE for a step-by-step guide to Authenticating your Domain

Gmail / Google Workspace

Setting up Gmail / Google Workspace will enable the platform to send outgoing notification emails via your Gmail account.

Click Sign in with Google to connect your Gmail / Google Workspace account.

Choose the account to connect.

Once your Google Account is chosen, click to select what My Portal App can access.

Then choose  Currently active for Transactional Emails and/or Activate for Marketing Emails.


Setting up  Microsoft will enable the platform to send outgoing notification emails via your Microsoft account.

Click Connect Microsoft Account to get started.

Sign in with the account you would like to connect to.

Then choose  Activate for Transactional Emails and/or Activate for Marketing Emails. You will need to check the boxes and click OK on the notice that pops up.

Lastly, you will select Currently Active for Transactional Emails.

Email Sending Testing

Once you have selected your Email Sending Method you can send yourself a Test Email to ensure that all settings you have updated are working properly. Click on the Email Sending Method of your choice and fill in your email under Confirm Email Sending Settings.

After you click Test Email Sending you will see a confirmation that tells you your Test Email was accepted for delivery. 

You will then check the inbox of the email address you used to test where you will find an email labeled SUCCESS: Default Sending Method is configured properly! This allows you to see what your branded emails look like.

Custom Email Logo / Colors

Here you can upload your Company Logo that will appear in email notifications. The logo should be 200px by 60px for the best performance.

You can adjust the alignment of the Logo or can choose to hide it altogether in the Logo Position dropdown menu.

You can also change the Background Color of the email to match your platform's theme and can set the color of the Footer Items, which are customizable in the next section.

Footer Information

You can add your own social media channel links to the footer of the email notification. Just check the box of the type of link you would like to use, and fill in the provided field.

You can also overwrite or remove the text that shows at the very bottom of the footer.