Email Branding

How do I customize the emails that my Clients see?

You can find  Email Branding in the Fly-Out Menu, by clicking on your profile image in the top right of the screen. 

You can use these settings to fully customize the various text and background colors, primary logo, social media footer links, as well as the sender name and email that is used for all platform email notifications that send from your installation.

From Name / Business Name

From Name: When an email notification is sent from the platform - either as a Portal Access Invitation, a notification of a file upload, or sharing of a folder - the information that the Client or Staff member sees in the From area of the email by default shows it is from the platform. You can use these fields to change that. The From Name that you designate here will be dynamically inserted into the [From-Name] placeholders, and will show as the From in most email clients. 

Company Name: this will be inserted dynamically into the [Subject-Company] placeholders that are present in the email templates.

From Email Address: By default, the platform will send notification emails from a generic portal email address. To customize this email, you will need to authenticate your domain.

CLICK HERE for a step-by-step guide to Authenticating your Domain

You can also use SMTP to send emails instead of using Domain Verified Sending.

CLICK HERE to learn about how to set up SMTP

Email Logo / Colors

Replace the logo that shows in notification emails. Logos should be 200px by 60px.

Change the colors of the notification emails.

Footer Information

Add your own social media channel links into the footer of the email notification.

Customize/overwrite the text that shows at the very bottom of the footer.

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