Canceling your Subscription

How do I cancel my SuiteDash subscription?

Of course, we're disappointed that you want to cancel, but if there's no way for us to change your mind, here are clear instructions on how you can cancel your subscription in just a few steps.

IMPORTANT: Only the Super Admin in your account has access to the Manage Subscription area. You will need that person to login in order to cancel your subscription

First, you will want to navigate to your Subscription Dashboard. To do this, just use the  Fly-out Menu and look in the My Account column, and choose the Manage Subscription option.

Canceling your account

From your Subscription Dashboard, simply scroll to the bottom of the page, and look for the section that say "Inconceivable!!" ( yes, of course we love The Princess Bride and if you haven't seen it, please drop everything and give it a watch )

When you click Cancel Subscription & Close Account, you'll be asked for some quick feedback and a confirmation. Just click YES and that's it. Sadly, we will part ways, but we hope that you'll one day come back and use the Resubscribe feature HERE.

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