CRM: Paid Portal Access

What is Paid Portal Access (PPA) ?

In some cases, your business logic might require that Contacts will pay before they are allowed access to the Portal. This feature gives you the option of requiring a One-Time Payment or a Subscription Payment before access to the Portal is permitted.

Get started with Paid Portal Access

You'll need to configure a Payment Gateway for Paid Portal Access (PPA). You must have a Gateway in place so that you can collect the funds. Once you're set up, you are ready to accept payment from your Contacts.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Payment Gateways

Setting up PPA with Intake Forms

Navigate to Forms and click the +Create Form button. Select Intake Forms.

Once you've specified the Role as Client, there will be a checkbox to Require Contact to pay before accessing Portal. Enable this option to configure it.

Choose a Title for the Invoice that will be auto-created and assigned to the Contact once they complete the Intake Form. You can use Dynamic Placeholders for personalization.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Dynamic Placeholders

Choose whether or not you require a  One-Time Payment or a Subscription Payment (or both).

TIP: You can create multiple Intake Forms each with their own PPA settings. This allows you to charge different amounts on varying types of access.

Setting up One-Time Payment Access

If you choose One-Time Payment, you will be given the option to include an additional Subscription Payment. More information below

Choose a Title for the Item that will be included in the Invoice.

Input the Amount and Currency, and select a Payment Gateway.

If you want to include a Subscription Payment along with a One-Time Payment, you can select a Subscription Payment from the dropdown menu. In this case the first generated Invoice will include both charges, and each subsequent Invoice will only contain the Subscription charge.

Setting up a Subscription Payment (Automatic Recurring Payments)

Before you can set up PPA with a Subscription Payment, you must have a Subscription configured.

CLICK HERE to learn how to create a Subscription Plan

Once you have your plan configured, you can choose it from the dropdown menu.

What will the Client see?

The Client will complete the Intake Form as normal, and all other actions associated with the Intake Form will be the same.

If you have chosen to have the Portal Access Invitation Email sent automatically, the Client will click the enclosed link and be taken to the Complete Registration screen where they will set their password.

Immediately after they complete the registration, they will be directed to the Pay Invoice view where they will see the generated Invoice.

The Client must choose from the available Gateways and complete the payment. After the platform confirms payment is complete, the Client will be directed to the Portal and the appropriate settings from the Intake Form will take effect.

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