CRM: Paid Portal Access

What is Paid Portal Access?

In some cases, your business logic might require that Contacts pay before they are allowed access to the Portal. This feature gives you the option of requiring a One-Time Payment and/or a Subscription Payment before access to the Portal is permitted.

You'll need to configure a Payment Gateway for Paid Portal Access. You must have a Gateway in place so that you can collect the funds. Once you're set up you are ready to accept payment from your Contacts.

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How do I set up Paid Portal Access?

Click the Forms menu item and click the +Create Form button.

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When prompted, select Kickoff Form.

In order to enable Paid Portal Access, it is required that you set the Role to Client.

Once this Role is selected the Paid Portal Access section will be visible at the bottom of the page.

Choose a Title for the Invoice that will be auto-created and assigned to the Contact once they complete the Kickoff Form. You can use Dynamic Placeholders for personalization.

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Select your Payment Gateway and Currency that the Invoice will be in.

Choose whether or not you require a  One-Time Payment or a Subscription Payment (or both).

TIP: You can create multiple Kickoff Forms each with its own Paid Portal Access settings. This allows you to charge different amounts on varying types of access.

Setting up One-Time Payment Access

If you choose One-Time Payment you will be given the option to include an additional Subscription Payment. More information is below.

Choose a Title for the Item that will be included in the Invoice and the billing amount.

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If you want to include a Subscription Payment along with a One-Time Payment you can select a Subscription Payment from the dropdown menu. In this case, the first generated Invoice will include both charges and each subsequent Invoice will only contain the Subscription charge.

Setting up a Subscription Payment (Automatic Recurring Payments)

Before you can set up PPA with a Subscription Payment you must have a Subscription configured.

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Once you have your plan configured, you can choose it from the dropdown menu.

If you want your Clients to be immediately invited to register into the portal, enable Send Portal Access Invitation Immediately in the Portal Invitation & Communication section. Otherwise, you will need to manually send them the Invitation later.

Once you have your Kickoff Form with Paid Portal Access created you can embed the form on your website or provide a link for your Contacts to register.

If you are using Stripe ACH as your Payment Gateway you'll want to ensure that you have configured the settings regarding when access to the Portal will be granted.

Navigate to Office > Settings and click the Paid Portal Access tab.

You can then specify whether the Client will gain immediate access to the Portal when paying via ACH or if they do not gain access until the payment clears.

If you choose to only give access when the payment is confirmed and the payment fails. The Client will not be given access to the Portal until it is resolved.

What will the Client see?

First, the user will complete the form.

When the Portal Access Invitation is sent (either automatically or manually), the user will receive an email inviting them to the portal, where they can click the enclosed link.

The user will be directed to the Registration screen where they will set their password.

Immediately after they complete the registration they will be directed to the Pay Invoice view where they will see the generated Invoice.

The Client will be unable to access any part of the platform until the Invoice is paid.

If the Client is assigned an On-Boarding FLOW it will not trigger until after the Invoice is paid.

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Once payment has been completed the Client will have access to the Portal. If you are receiving payment via ACH this access may be delayed until payment is completed, depending on your settings, as shown in the section above.

How can a Contact re-subscribe if their payment fails?

If you choose to tie a Subscription Plan to the Paid Portal Access then the Contact's access to the portal will be restricted if their payment fails. 

If this happens then they are able to regain access to the portal by using the Re-Subscribe feature. 

From the login page they should click "Having Trouble?" and then enter their email address. If they have an Inactive Subscription that was associated with Paid Portal Access they will see a Re-Subscribe option which will take them to a process to enter new payment information. If that payment information is successfully charged the subscription will again become active and access to the Portal will be restored.

How do I allow access to the Portal without them having to pay?

If circumstances change and you would like to allow your Client into the Portal without being required to pay you can cancel the required payment.

Navigate to CRM > Contacts.

Click the Options menu button (3 dots) beside the Client and select Cancel Required Payment. The Invoice will be marked as Void and the Client will be given access to the Portal.