MARKETING: Autoresponders

What is an Autoresponder?

Also known as Drip Campaigns, Autoresponders are emails that are automatically sent to a Contact after they subscribe to your Audience. You can create several emails to go out in a cycle, one after the other.

Autoresponders help you automate campaigns and manage one-to-one communication with your recipients. They can be sent in a sequence or at intervals, starting from the day a Contact is added to your Audience, e.g. Day 0 (the day a contact subscribes), then day 3, 7, 14. So, autoresponders are useful if you want to send an automatic message to contacts who join your Audience. When you set up an Autoresponder cycle, emails will go out on a specific day of a Contact’s subscription period, according to how you set up the cycle.

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How do I create an Autoresponder?

Navigate to Marketing > Audiences. and click the title of the Audience you would like to create an Autoresponder for.

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From the Audience Details page, click on the Autoresponders Tab in the top navigation bar.

Now just click the +Autoresponders button.

Then, you will create your Autoresponder Email just like you would with a standard Campaign email, but in addition, you will indicate the Send Schedule.

The Send Schedule is the interval of time after the day/time the Subscriber was added to the Email Marketing Audience.

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