My Calendar

What is My Calendar?

My Calendar shows you an overview of your scheduled Appointments, Events, and due Tasks. You can also schedule an Appointment from the Calendar.

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You can access My Calendar by navigating to Calendar > My Calendar.

My Calendar shows your scheduled Tasks, Events, and Appointments.


You can see at a glance the current status of your Appointments with color-coded icons. The status of Appointments will automatically update when their Time Slot occurs.

Both the appointer and appointee will be able to view the Appointment on the their respective Calendars.

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You can see an overview of scheduled Tasks. You can quickly add a Task to the Calendar by clicking on a date.

Clicking on a Task will allow you to edit it. Tasks need to be marked as "Complete" to be removed from My Calendar.

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Any Events you have scheduled will appear on My Calendar. You an click on an Event to edit it.

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You can choose between a month view and a week view of the calendar. You can also choose to view any combination of month and year.

To quickly cycle through months, you can use the arrows in the above area. Clicking current will revert the view back to the current month.

How do I use the filtering options in My Calendar?

You can use the filtering options above the Calendar to only show certain TasksEvents, and Appointments that meet certain criteria.

Click the All Statuses dropdown menu to choose a Task Status to view. You can select multiple Task Statuses.

Click the All Priorities dropdown menu to choose a Task Priority to view. You can select multiple Task Priorities.

Click the All Projects dropdown menu to choose a Project to show the Tasks from. You can select multiple Projects.

Click the All Users dropdown menu to choose a user to show any related Tasks, Events, or Appointments from. You can select multiple users.

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