Claiming a Contact

How do I hide a Contact from other Staff Members?

Typically, all Contacts are visible to all Staff Members (except for Teammates and Freelancers).

However, a Staff Member can "claim" a Contact. This will hide that Contact from anyone in the Salesperson Role, other than that user.

To do this, navigate to CRM > Contacts and click on the Contact that you would like to claim.

In the CRM Details View, click the eye icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

This will open a dropdown menu where you can choose to assign the Contact to yourself. The status of the Contact will be shown as a green icon.

You can also choose to assign the Contact to yourself, but also share it with other Salespersons. Click the field to choose from the available list of Salespersons in the platform.

TIP: The Super Admin as well as Admins, Project Managers, and Office Managers can always see all Contacts within the platform. It is only other Salespersons that will not be able to see the Contact once they are "claimed". The Contact will also still be visible to the assigned Coordinator.

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