FORMS: Subscriber Form

What is a Subscriber Form?

A Subscriber Type form enables you to use the form to add users to an Email Marketing Audience. The users don't even need to be associated with your platform! This way you can send out newsletters, product updates, event invitations, etc.

Please note: Both Known and Unknown Targets can submit a Subscriber Form however the information received will NOT update or create CRM profiles, this form will only add a subscriber to an Email Marketing Audience.

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How do I create a Subscriber Form?

Navigate to the Forms menu item, and click +Create Form.

You will then be able to choose  Subscriber Form. Alternatively, you can click the icon beside the +Create Form button and choose from the dropdown menu.

From here, you will be able to build your Subscriber Form.

Enter a Title. By default, "Untitled Form" is populated into this field.

Building your Form Fields

Use the dropdown menu to choose Form Fields to add to the Form. Since there are no preset fields, each field you create will need to be configured in the same way that you create a new Custom Field.

You can also insert Content Blocks by selecting HTML Content from the Advanced Blocks dropdown.

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Add to Audience(s): Select your Audience from the Marketing Audience dropdown.

IMPORTANT: Only standalone Audiences will be available to select.  Audiences that are synced to Circles are not available for selection.

You can also choose to toggle the button to 'Set as default for this Audience'. This will add this form to the Audience in Marketing.

CLICK HERE to learn about Marketing Audiences.

By default, once the user has submitted the form they will be automatically added to the selected Marketing Audience.

Enable email double opt-in: If you would like to request confirmation for the subscription, toggle Enable email double opt-in to ON.

The default message will be displayed in a WYSIWYG editor. You can customize it however you'd like. You can insert Placeholders by clicking the {x} icon.

CLICK HERE to learn about Dynamic Data Placeholders

IMPORTANT: The Double Opt-In message is required to contain the {{confirmationLink}} placeholder in order to generate the correct content.

You also have the option to send email notifications when the form is submitted.

The Notifications can be sent to internal Staff or Staff Roles or you can send an email to the target of the form.